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"IN NEW YORK. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!" Native New Yorkers Jay-Z and Alicia Keys aren't the only people who've written songs about their beloved New York. Coined the "city that never sleeps," New York City is flowing with life and excitement. Only a real New Yorker could get at least 24/35 on this quiz. Can you?

Around the world, you'll find dozens of cities that millions of people visit annually, and New York City always falls near the top of the list. A beacon of the United States, the city receives more than 10 million visitors each year. Tourists are flocking to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always filled with visitors and every New Years' Eve, people from around the world crowd into Times Square to watch the ball drop. While these are common facts that many people know about the city, do you know the information that will prove you're a real New Yorker?

What subway lines can you catch to go to Brooklyn? What does "it's showtime" mean while riding the subway? Which borough do you have to go to for Smorgasburg?

There's a lot that comes with being a New Yorker. From the food and music to the commute and customs, are you a real New Yorker? Only a real one could get at least 24/35 of these questions right! Let's see if you're from the Big Apple!

How many boroughs does NYC have?

New York City is made up of five boroughs. This and its dense population is what attribute it to being the largest city in the United States.


Which of these is not one of the five NYC boroughs?

White Plains is not part of New York City, but is in the neighboring county of Westchester.


Which borough is connected to the Bronx by land?

The Bronx and Manhattan are two of the boroughs that are connected by land. Staten Island is an "island" of its own while Queens and Brooklyn are also connected by land.


How many professional sports teams play IN New York state?

If you answered 11, you're NOT a real New Yorker! Any New Yorker would know that there are nine professional teams that play in N.Y. state. MLB (Yankees/Mets), NHL (Rangers, Islanders, Sabres), NBA (Nets/Knicks), MLS (New York City FC), and NFL (Bills). While they might be called the New York Giants and New York Jets, both teams play in East Rutherford, NJ!


In what direction does 7th Avenue go in?

While it might be disorienting for tourists, every New Yorker knows how the streets work. They run parallel in opposite directions. While you might use 6th Avenue or 8th Avenue to go uptown, you'd need 7th Avenue to go downtown.


What bridge spans across the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey?

The George Washington Bridge spans the length of the Hudson River, allowing passage from New Jersey to New York and vice versa.


Which borough is furthest east?

When looking at the five boroughs, Queens is the furthest east.


Every holiday season, where is the famous tree lighting ceremony in NYC?

Every year, the annual tree lighting ceremony takes place in midtown Manhattan at Rockefeller Center.


In Manhattan, you'd find a neighborhood named for all but which of the following countries?

The boroughs are filled with dozens of neighborhoods. Lower Manhattan is home to Little Italy, Koreatown, and Chinatown.


If you wanted to go to Smorgasburg in the summer, which Brooklyn neighborhood would you have to travel to?

Every summer, a food truck festival, Smorgasburg, makes its appearance in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.


What is the MoMA?

MoMA is the Museum of Modern Art. It is located in midtown Manhattan on 53rd Street.


Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighborhood in which of the following boroughs?

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighborhood located in northern Brooklyn.


On what street will you find the home of theater productions?

In NYC, you'll find Broadway, a street that lies at the heart of the theater district. This area is the hub of theater lovers out to see plays like "The Lion King" or "Hamilton."


Which of these subway lines don't exist?

There are numerous Subway lines, but 8 isn't one of them! There's 1-7 and a variety of subway lines attributed to a letter in the alphabet.


Which of these is not a NY bridge?

There are many bridges in New York, some more famous than others, like the George Washington, Brooklyn, and Manhattan bridges. Bull's Bridge, however, is a bridge you'd find in the neighboring state of Connecticut.


Which of these is a Queen's neighborhood?

Astoria is a neighborhood located in the Northwestern region of Queens.


What dessert is associated with New York?

While New York is known for its pizza and bagels, it is also known for its cheesecake, made popular by stores like Junior's.


The Bronx is the home of which of the following colleges?

There are many of colleges and universities located in New York City. The Bronx is the home of Fordham University. You'd find Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York University in Manhattan, and St. John's University in Queens.


The prison, Rikers Island, is located in which borough?

Rikers Island is an infamous prison located in the Bronx. It has been mentioned numerous times in pop culture and quite a few celebrities have been imprisoned there, such as Tupac Shakur, Sid Vicious, and the notorious serial killer, the Son of Sam.


If you have a friend who hails from the tri-state area, what do they mostly call New York City?

If you're from New York, you probably have your own name for where you're from. Your East Coast friends, though, are calling your stomping grounds "The City."


While Penn Station is heavily used for travel to and from New Jersey, what train station is used for travel through New York and Connecticut?

Grand Central Terminal is another highly-used train station in New York City along with Penn Station. It services the New York and Connecticut region.


If you're going uptown, to which borough are you headed?

When someone says they're heading "uptown," it means they're headed northward in Manhattan, in the direction of the Bronx. The further uptown you go in Manhattan, the higher the street numbers get.


When people think of South Beach, they're normally thinking of Miami. But a New York native would be talking about which borough?

South Beach is a neighborhood located in the Staten Island borough.


A bodega is most like what?

In NYC, you'll often hear the word "bodega." This is often used to refer to something like a "corner store" or a "convenience store" where you can purchase an assortment of items from milk to lottery tickets.


Central Park is across the street from which museum entrance?

If you're visiting the American Museum of Natural History, you'll find that its main entrance is located right across the street from Central Park.


Living in NYC, you might have accidentally wandered onto all but which of the following​ shows?

New York City is a popular backdrop for dozens of shows. It's common to unwittingly walk past or through a TV set.


Harlem is a popular NYC neighborhood located in which borough?

Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan. It can be found WAY uptown near the Bronx.


Which of the following singers IS NOT from New York?

There are lots and lots of celebrities from New York City. Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand were born and raised in Brooklyn. They even went to high school together! Alicia Keys, who can be heard on the song "Empire State of Mind," an ode to NYC, was born and raised in Hell's Kitchen. Jon Bon Jovi, however, is from New Jersey.​


What is the proper pronunciation of Greenwich?

Greenwich Village is an area in lower Manhattan. It is often simply referred to as "The Village."


What do you need to get on a subway?

In order for you to get on the subway, you'd need a Metrocard. You'd have to load it with funds beforehand.


When was the Metrocard introduced?

Metrocards were introduced in 1999. At the time, tokens were also being used. They have since been discontinued.


After what year could you no longer use tokens on the subway?

Metrocards were originally introduced in 1999, but subway passengers still had the ability to use tokens. In 2003, the MTA discontinued tokens and the Metrocard became the only way to pay for a ride on a NYC subway.


SoHo is south of what street?

SoHo is a popular section in Lower Manhattan. While it is only referred to as SoHo, the area is named because it is South of Houston Street.


If you're from Brooklyn, what might you call Brighton Beach?

Little Odessa is a nickname given to the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn.


As of March 2018, how much is the standard fare to ride the NYC subway?

To ride the subway, a one way fare is $2.75. Rates change depending on your age and whether you're riding a local or express train.


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