Your Taste in Men Will Tell Us How Datable You Are

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We all have our preferences and type when it comes to dating men. Some people are very attracted to long and lanky men, while other people go for a burly lumberjack type. Whether you love blondes or gingers might reveal some interesting dating secrets about you. 

Maybe you always fall for artsy and creative types and end up with guitar picks all over your place, or perhaps the love of your life is wearing a lab coat and doing research right now. Tell us whether you live for a dad bod or a guy who knows his way around the gym, and that'll let us know just how datable you are. 

Tell us about your celebrity crushes and real-life must-haves and dealbreakers when it comes to men. Let us know what gets you going. After all, everyone is different. While some of us go crazy for men with beards, others would be much happier if our partners would shave them off already. We think that whether you are a beard lover or hater can spill some serious tea about how datable you are. So, let's talk about boys! 

In your opinion, which hair color is the hottest?

Be honest, do you have a height requirement?

What is your opinion of super muscular men?

Your dream man has which eye color?

Beards are a hot topic. Do they do it for you?

Some men are hairier than others. What do you like?

Are you into men with long hair?

Are you a fan of the man bun?

How many tattoos is too many in your opinion?

Which of these more specific and polarizing things really does it for you?

Do you think it's hot when men have shaved heads?

What kind of style is the most attractive to you?

You see an attractive guy at a party. He starts playing acoustic guitar. Have you become more ore less attracted to him?

Can a guy's political views make him more or less attractive to you?

What body type do you prefer?

Are you turned on by men with accents?

Which hair texture do you like best?

What type do you usually go for?

Which of these is the biggest deal breaker for you?

Which job impresses you most?

If a man has a lower level of education than you, is that a deal breaker?

If an attractive man is in a well-fitting suit, how do you feel?

Do you like it when men wear jewelry?

Which would you rather your man be?

If a man is very serious and rarely laughs, is he for you?

If you visit a man's home and it's messy, is that a deal breaker for you?

If a man speaks more than one language, is that a turn on for you?

Are you into men who are handy and can fix things around the house?

If you know a guy is a player, would you still want to be involved with him?

A guy has an intense skin and self care routine. Are you into that?

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