Your Personality is revealed by what you notice first in these Disney images!

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Look closely at these random Disney pictures. What draws your eyes will reveal the true nature of your personality! Don't hesitate and go with your gut!

What holds your attention in this photo?

Where does your eye go first in this photo?

Which color do you notice first?

What do you think Rapunzel is thinking about?

Which emotion is Snow White conveying?

Which character looks most enthusiastic to you?

What did you first notice about this photo?

Which word best sums up this photo?

Did you notice where the red-wearing woman's hands were placed?

What do you think Tiana is holding?

Who did you notice first?

What are Ali and Jasmine talking about?

What is Professor Oak saying to his Flubber?

How does the look on Mowgli's face make you feel?

What stands out the most to you?

Do you think Mary Poppins is singing or talking?

Did you notice the laundry?

Where are these characters?

How many fish do you count?

Which character looks most thirsty?

Which character are you feeling most like?

How long did it take you to find T-Rex?

Close your eyes and remember the picture. Did you remember the house number?

How many headlights do you see at first glance?

Which monster is in this photo?

Which musical instrument did you notice first?

Which sign did you notice first?

What do you think the cat is thinking?

Would you wear that dress to a fancy party?

What do you think is happening in this picture?

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