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"The Tudors," a successful television drama about life in the 16th century, featured talented actors and stunning costumes. Are you a total Tudor fan? Let's find out!

What king does "The Tudors" focus on?

"The Tudors" focuses on several periods of time in King Henry VIII's life, condensing certain years and character to focus on certain plot lines and story elements. Though some parts are not completely historically accurate, critics did agree the acting was superb. Every effort was also made to ensure the sets and costumes were as ornate and historically accurate as possible.


Which actor played the role of King Henry VIII?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers played the role of King Henry VIII in "The Tudors" television series. Some critics complained that it was hard to see such a physically fit actor play King Henry, even through to his later years when he was rather portly. However, Meyers chose to act the part with intensity and in a different interpretation than some might have expected. In general, his performances were very intense and full of the passion that King Henry VIII possessed.


In what year did "The Tudors" debut?

The Tudors debuted in 2007 and aired until 2010. The show was intended to have a limited 3-4 year span, during which the writers would focus on specific events and time periods in King Henry's life. There were 38 episodes total.


Which actor played the role of Charles Brandon, Henry's best friend?

Henry Cavill played the role of Charles Brandon, King Henry's best friend. The two bicker at times but remain the best of friends, even to the end. Henry Cavill has also starred in many movies, such as "Man of Steel," "Immortals" and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."


Charles Brandon married someone, but the king did not approve. Who did he marry?

In the series, Charles Brandon gets into a compromising relationship with the king's sister, Margaret. When he marries her, the king is furious because he did not approve such a match. Brandon is known for womanizing, just as the king is. However, King Henry must always have his way and is very upset when he finds out the news that his best friend married his sister.


Which actor played the role of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey?

Sam Neill played the role of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the Cardinal was who was Henry's almoner when he became king in 1509. He eventually attained the position of Lord Chancellor and was King Henry's chief adviser for some time, until he was unable to negotiate an annulment of King Henry's marriage to Queen Katherine of Aragon. In real life, he was summoned to face charges of treason but died en route to London of natural causes. However, The Tudors shows him committing suicide in a jail cell. Sam Neill is also known for his role as Dr. Alan Grant in "Jurassic Park."


Who was King Henry's second wife?

Queen Anne Boleyn was King Henry's second wife. While married to his first wife, Katherine of Aragon, Henry had an affair with Anne Boleyn. While he tired of other mistresses, Anne kept his interest. Henry broke away from the Roman Church to marry Anne, as the Roman Church would not provide the annulment he so desired for his first marriage.


How many legitimate children did King Henry have?

King Henry had three legitimate children throughout all of his marriages. It is known that he had at least one illegitimate child during an affair out of wedlock, but according to the laws of the time, that child would not have been considered an heir to the throne. Kings at that time felt pressure to have a male heir to the throne to secure the line of succession.


How many wives did King Henry have throughout his lifetime?

King Henry VIII had six wives during his lifetime. He was married to his first wife for almost 24 years, and they had one living child together. Catherine was a few years older than Henry, but that didn't seem to matter until she had trouble producing a living male heir. Henry was seduced by Anne Boleyn, which was the beginning of the end of his marriage to Catherine.


In season one of "The Tudors," we see King Henry playing what athletic game?

In his younger years, King Henry was a very athletic king and enjoyed many active pursuits. In season one, we see Henry as a young man enjoying the sport of tennis with Charles Brandon and his other friends. They also use the opportunity to spot beautiful ladies with whom they would like to associate.


In season one, what title is Henry given by the pope?

King Henry received the title of Defender of the Faith by the pope, after having written a pamphlet against Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation. As a child, Henry was raised to go into the clergy, as he was a second son and was not expected to take the throne. Therefore, he knew a great deal about the church and felt passionate about it.


What is the name of Anne Boleyn's family home?

Hever Castle was the family home of Anne Boleyn and is featured in early episodes of The Tudors. It is here that Anne Boleyn spends time with Thomas Wyatt, receives love letters from King Henry, and suffers and recovers from the sweating sickness. In season four, Hever Castle is given to Queen Anne of Cleves when she consents to an annulment of her marriage to Henry.


What is the name of Henry's court painter?

Hans Holbein the Younger was the official court painter during King Henry VIII's reign. He is known for painting the Portrait of Henry VIII, which is one of the most famous paintings of a monarch. This painting shows Henry as a commanding, imposing figure, and looking rather more healthy than he actually was at the time. The original was lost in a fire, but many copies remain.


What religious denomination did Queen Catherine Parr adhere to?

Queen Catherine Parr, the last of Henry's six wives, held Protestant beliefs most closely associated with Lutherans. However, because Henry harbored ill will toward Lutherans at this time, she had to be careful how much she revealed. There were enemies at court plotting her downfall, and she came close to going the way of many of Henry's other wives.


Which premium television channel aired "The Tudors"?

"The Tudors" was produced for the premium cable television channel Showtime. The producers hailed from several countries, and most of the filming was done in Ireland. "The Tudors" premiered in 2007 to the highest ratings Showtime had seen in three years.


What is the name of Henry's child with Queen Anne Boleyn?

Princess Elizabeth was Henry's second legitimate child and his only living child with Queen Anne Boleyn. The series does not focus heavily on Princess Elizabeth's personality or relationship with her father, in comparison to that of Princess Mary. However, there are hints of foreshadowing that Elizabeth will be the greatest monarch of the house of Tudor in English history.


What does Henry call Anne of Cleves, with regard to her appearance?

The portrait of Anne of Cleves given to Henry did not accurately depict her appearance. Henry finds himself unable to consummate the marriage and calls her likeness that of a Flanders mare. He demands an annulment and Anne gives it to him without issue.


What is the name of the person with whom Queen Catherine Howard has an affair?

Thomas Culpepper served as the king's groom during the time when King Henry was married to Catherine Howard. Thomas and Catherine begin a love affair that ends with both of their deaths when King Henry is told of it. Culpepper is played by Torrance Coombs.


Which of Henry's mistresses was the mother of his acknowledged illegitimate child, Henry Fitzroy?

Elizabeth Blount, also known as Bessie Blount, was one of the king's mistresses during his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon. Their affair of several years produced an illegitimate son named Henry Fitzroy. Though this child was not an heir to the throne, Henry recognized his existence with joy as it proved that he could produce a healthy, living son.


One of Henry's wives was played by two different actresses in "The Tudors." Which queen was it?

The role of Queen Jane Seymour was played by two different actresses. She was first played by Anita Briem in season two and then Annabelle Wallis in seasons three and four. King Henry liked Queen Jane the best because she provided him with his long-awaited son.


What role did Thomas Cromwell play in King Henry's life?

Sir Thomas Cromwell was one of King Henry's most trusted and brilliant advisers, after Cardinal Wolsey. His religious leanings were heavily Protestant, particularly Lutheran. Though his arrangement of Henry's marriage to Anne of Cleves ultimately resulted in his downfall, his legacy of the Protestant Reformation in England continued to thrive under Queen Elizabeth of the House of Tudor.


What does Sir Thomas More advise King Henry not to do?

Sir Thomas More, played by Jeremy Northam, is a devout Christian lawyer and adviser to King Henry. He despises war and tries to advise King Henry not to fight whenever possible, though King Henry doesn't always listen. Though Henry and Thomas were friends, Thomas is later tried for treason and executed due to his Catholic ways and unwillingness to support Henry's religious reform efforts.


What does Anne Boleyn do to keep Henry interested in her?

Lord Thomas Boleyn, Anne's father, encourages her to seduce the king. She does, but she manages to increase his infatuation with her by refusing to sleep with him unless they are married. This drives Henry mad, as he isn't used to being refused in this way.


What athletic game do King Henry and King Francis play in the Field of Cloth of Gold?

King Henry and King Francis are shown as both having large egos. They continue to egg each other on in the Field of Cloth of Gold until Henry challenges Francis to a wrestling match. Unfortunately for Henry, Francis wins the match.


What part of King Henry's appearance later in life, as portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was not historically accurate?

Though he was strong and virile in his younger years, King Henry VIII gained a substantial amount of weight later in life. Critics of "The Tudors" television show noticed the lack of weight gain by actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. However, the amount that King Henry gained in historical reports was so much that he qualified as obese. This may not have been a good career decision for Mr. Meyers!


Which actress from "The Tudors" has also been seen in "Game of Thrones," "Mockingjay" and "The Fades"?

Natalie Dormer played the role of Queen Anne Boleyn and has also been seen in a variety of other well-known movies and television shows. Dormer also hosted a television show looking into the real history of the Tudor dynasty and the various locations mentioned in the show. Some of the buildings are still in existence.


Who is the composer of the music for "The Tudors"?

Trevor Morris is the composer of the music for "The Tudors," and he won an Emmy award for the main title theme. He also created the music for a similar series called "The Borgias." He is known generally as a film composer and music producer from Canada.


In season one, who was plotting to overthrow Henry?

Edward Stafford, the third Duke of Buckingham, was one of the few remaining people with substantial Plantagenet blood in his veins. He was appointed to numerous positions within Henry's court but was later found to be plotting to overthrow the king. He was tried and executed on charges of treason.


What are people called when they practice religious behaviors outside of what King Henry has deemed to be the law of the land?

Heretics were people that were practicing or believing in a different religion or denomination from the one King Henry deemed to be the law of the land. However, it was hard for many citizens in Henry's kingdom to be aligned with what Henry thought was right. After all, he did flip-flop between his preferences in religion and women.


Who was the court's fool?

Will Somer was King Henry's court fool, and the king and his friends often enjoyed the fool's entertainment. After Queen Jane died, Henry secluded himself and spoke to no one but his fool. Sometimes staying away from the real world and the normal everyday routine can be comforting.


Which two countries does Henry flip-flop his loyalty between?

Henry often flip-flops between his loyalty to France and Spain. At times, he is at extreme odds with King Francis and about to sign a treaty with Spain. Other times, he is at odds with his first Spanish wife and leans more closely to France.


What was the name given to King Henry's problem of wanting to divorce Catherine of Aragon?

The Great Matter was the name given to the issue of Henry wanting a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. At the time, there wasn't really any term to accurately describe the permanent separation that Henry wanted from Catherine. So, courtiers and others referred to the situation as the King's Great Matter.


What trait is often the source of Henry's issues?

Henry is a very prideful person, and he rarely concedes to anything. It is this pride that may have prevented him from forgiving certain people for their actions, and this pride seems to eat away at Henry. At the end of season four of "The Tudors," Henry appears to have finally let go or stopped caring about maintaining this pride.


How old was Catherine Howard when Henry married her?

King Henry VIII, when he was well into middle age, married Catherine Howard as his fifth wife. She was just 17 years old, but Henry liked her vitality and youth. She later had an affair with Henry's servant, Thomas Culpepper, and was executed.


Which musician played the role of Anne of Cleves?

Joss Stone played the role of Anne of Cleves in "The Tudors." When King Henry first meets Anne, he is completely turned off by her. Later, though, when he is married to Catherine Howard, he finds Anne of Cleves gracious and pleasing. Perhaps they just tried to be married at the wrong time.


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