You Won't Believe What Your Wild West Job Should Actually Be!

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Yee-haw! Git along, little doggies. We're heading out to the Wild West to rustle up some information on which role in frontier life would be the best fit for you.

How good are you at riding a horse?

What pace do you prefer to move at in life?

How good would you be with a lasso?

How much physical strength do you have?

Would you rather work inside or outdoors?

How strong of a voice do you have?

Are you good with animals?

How do you feel about camping in a tent?

How educated are you compared to most of those around you?

How big is your vocabulary?

How would you rate your penmanship skills?

How are you with young children?

Do you like working in the summer?

How would you be at public speaking?

How would you most likely get around in the Wild West?

Would you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

Do you tend to hold a grudge or are you a forgiving person?

Are you more judgemental or observational?

Are you a drinker?

How comfortable are you holding a prominent position in the community?

Which day of the week fits you the best?

Are you more physically, mentally, spiritually or financially strong?

How well can you quote the scriptures?

How driven by financial riches are you?

How open to taking risks are you?

Which work environment sounds the most appealing to you?

How simply do you live your life?

How would you describe your love life?

How important is it that your work is respected by the community?

How would you describe your personal hygiene?

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