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This is the grand Alfred Hitchcock quiz - a review of the famous director's movies and his filmography. Test your knowledge of one of the premier directors in the world.

What movie was Hitchcock's directorial debut?

Hitchcock's first film was, in fact, The Pleasure Garden. He was working on Number 13, but that film was never finished. When Always Tell Your Wife was released, Hitchcock was not credited for the work.


What was the last movie Hitchcock completed?

The last movie Hitchcock produced was Family Plot. Filming was done in 1976, and although he worked on a TV series a year later, Family Plot was his last feature-length film. Family Plot was finished a mere 4 years before his death in 1980.


In how many films is Hitchcock an uncredited actor?

Hitchcock was famous for making cameo appearances in his own movies. In fact, he was an uncredited actor in 40 of his films - the first was The Lodger and the last was Family Plot.


Hitchcock is credited with being the set decorator for which film?

Hitchcock was both the writer and the set decorator of The White Shadow. It was a silent film, directed by Graham Cutts. The film, set in Paris, involves a twin who is possessed by the soul of her long dead sister.


How many director credits does Hitchcock have?

Hitchcock surprisingly has 69 credits for directing. These range from 2016's Memory of the Camps - posthumously, of course - all the way back to 1922. He also created a number of TV shows and shorts throughout his career.


For what film did Hitchcock win an Oscar?

Hitchcock never won an Oscar during his career. He was nominated five times but came up short each time. He did win the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 1968, though, so that's nice.


What award did Hitchcock win for Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

Hitchcock won a Golden Globe for his TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It was a series of unrelated short stories, covering elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy. Hitchcock's 1955 TV show can still be seen in many countries to this day.


How many stars does Hitchcock have on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Hitchcock is one of the few people to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He received both February 8, 1960 - one for motion pictures and one for television.


What year was Psycho released?

Psycho was released in 1960. The film is one of the most well-known Hitchcock films, and continues to be a cult favorite. It was nominated for an Oscar for best picture but did not win.


Marion Caine, the main female character in Psycho, is from where?

Marion Caine, played by actress Janet Leigh, calls Phoenix home. After embezzling $40,000 from her employer, she makes a run for it. The horrific events in Psycho begin when she arrives at a certain remote motel.


What is the name of the creepy lodging place in Psycho?

The Bates Motel is the main setting of this story. Psycho follows Marion to the motel, where she runs into the interesting staff.


Who is Norman Bates, the motel manager, dominated by?

Norman is unfortunately berated and dominated by his mother. Throughout the movie we see their relationship for what it is, abusive. However, Norman does have a successful job as the manager of The Bates Motel.


What did Hitchcock do for the composer of the music used in Psycho?

Hitchcock in fact doubled his composers salary. Hitchcock was so pleased with the Psycho score, written by Bernard Herrmann, he paid him $34,501. Hitchcock later said, "33% of the effect of Psycho was due to the music."


When was Rear Window released?

Rear Window was released in 1954. With four Oscar nominations, this film was truly a critic's choice. However, the gruesome nature of the movie did not lead to winning those Oscars.


What ailment does the photographer have in Rear Window?

The photographer in the movie is temporarily wheelchair-bound, with a broken leg. The movie focuses on his drive to prove that his neighbor committed murder. Thus, he spies on them day and night. These days, a smartphone would help.


Which actress played Lisa in Rear Window?

Grace Kelly played Lisa in Rear Window. She won an Oscar for her portrayal. She was one of the most famous actresses of the 1950s. She retired from acting at the age of 26, after marrying Prince Ranier of Monaco.


In Rear Window, how does the photographer break his leg?

The photographer breaks his leg while on the job, shooting an auto race. This wheelchair-bound photographer is forced to spend time staring out the window, and then he becomes convinced that his neighbor committed murder.


What group of movies was Rear Window a part of?

Rear Window was out of circulation for about 20 years, due to copyright issues. Thus, it is one of the five great Hitchcocks that were rereleased in 1980, following his death. His daughter arranged the rerelease as part of his legacy. The other four films were Rope, The Trouble with Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Vertigo.


When was Spellbound released?

Spellbound involves amnesia, phobias, and the possibility of murder - with the uncomfortable setting of a psych ward. Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck starred in this thriller.


What famous painter helped with Spellbound?

Salvador Dali helped put together the dream sequence in Spellbound. The original scene was supposed to be double the length, but had to be cut to fit in the required run time. Nothing to do with the film, but, it's interesting to note that the free-spirited Dali had a pet anteater in his senior years.


Spellbound was one of the first Hollywood movies to include what?

Spellbound was one of the first films to incorporate psychoanalysis into the plot. At the time, it was a bit of a taboo subject, and many directors would not touch it. However, the writers of the original screenplay spent hours interviewing psychiatrists about treatments, etc.


What Oscar did this movie win?

Spellbound won the Oscar for Best Music. The conductor Miklos Rozsa continued to produce music for much of the '40s and '50s, and he won two more Oscars before his death.


What is the mental asylum called in Spellbound?

The asylum in Spellbound is called Green Manor. The infamous Dr. Murchinson is retiring, and Dr. Edwardes is here to replace him. But is he a mental patient himself, who has a blood thirst for murder?


What year was Lifeboat released?

Lifeboat, another Hitchcock classic, was released in 1944. The story revolved around a torpedoed ship and the lifeboat antics that follow. Naturally, there's a love interest, and this lovely black and white film continues to wow audiences today.


What takes down the ship in Lifeboat?

A U-Boat torpedoes the ship that most of the characters in Lifeboat were on. However, one of the men they pull from the water turns out to be from the actual U-Boat that torpedoed their ship. This situational drama showcases how humanity trumps national ties.


What plagued the actors during the filming of Lifeboat?

The cast of Lifeboat had a number of bouts with seasickness. Also, there were two cases of pneumonia, due to the mixture of oil and water. The production had to halt shooting twice to allow the cast to recover.


What rare thing happened to Hitchcock's Lifeboat?

Lifeboat actually lost money at the box office. It did very well in the big cities, such as New York and Boston, but people in rural communities did not love the story. It did eventually make a profit, but after its initial release, this film was seen as a failure.


How many lifeboats did Hitchcock use during the filming of Lifeboat?

Hitchcock used four lifeboats during the filming of Lifeboat. Two were intact, and they stayed in the over 4,000-litre tank. Two others were cut in half, to allow for the shots that Hitchcock needed to complete the film.


What was the name of Hitchcock's Oscar-nominated film of 1940?

Rebecca was the name of Hitchcock's 1940 Oscar-nominated film. The plot involved a woman who could not get past the memory of her husband's dead first wife. Rebecca brought the first major award nomination of Hitchcock's career.


Besides Best Cinematography, what Oscar did Rebecca win?

Rebecca won the 1940 Oscar for Best Picture. It's a wonder that Hitchcock did not win Best Director for the movie. Rebecca was Hitchcock's first American project.


Who wrote the original novel, Rebecca?

Daphne du Maurier was the novelist who wrote Rebecca. She became famous for writing both Rebecca and The Birds, both of which were made into Hitchcock movies. She earned more than 53 writing credits in Hollywood before her death at 81.


Which actress' jacket, as seen in Rebecca, inspired a common term for the popular clothing item in Spain?

After Rebecca was released in theaters, jackets like the one Joan Fontaine wore in the film became very popular, especially in Spain. The jacket style is still referred to as a Rebeca - with one C - in Spain.


Who bought the rights to the majority of the novels that Hitchcock made into movies?

David Selznick was the MGM executive who bought the rights to many novels. Hitchcock enjoyed working from novels in his movies. Selznick bought novels and Hitchcock created Oscar-nominated pictures based on them. The arrangement seemed to work well for everyone concerned.


Which character's creator did Hitchcock hire for the Birds?

Walt Disney was not a fan of Hitchcock's iconic movie, Psycho. Nevertheless, Hitchcock hired Disney animator and special effects artist extraordinaire Ub Iwerks, the co-creator of Mickey Mouse, during production of the Birds. He then used Disney’s special camera to film the famous bird attack in the film.


What is one thing that Alfred Hitchcock would never do?

Hitchcock had a fear of watching his own films. In an interview in 1962, he said, "I’m frightened of my own movies. I never go to see them. I don’t know how people can bear to watch my movies." Apparently, the Master of Suspense was not a fan of his own work - or he was very squeamish.


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