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The second-biggest state in the Union and the largest of the lower forty-eight, Texas is big. It's so big that you can barely drive across it on a single tank of gas. The people are big-hearted, the portions are big, the roads are big, and the cattle herds are absolutely vast. Texas is mostly very flat, fairly dry, and in the summer, bakingly hot. It's a land of extremes, for extreme people who do nothing in half-measures. It's a beautiful place with broad, sweeping rivers, massive flat brown plains, and a whole bunch of oil.

Texas became a state in the 1830's and aligned politically with the Confederacy during the Civil War. However, it is culturally more separate than the other Confederate states, and mostly a law unto itself. Its economy is so vast that it can afford to tell just about anyone to go jump, and its industries go far beyond rural beef, or Houston's oil industry. Austin is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, and Dallas one of the best in which to do business. It's a diverse, bold place, for bold people open to new ideas.

How well do you know the Lone Star state? Take this quiz to prove your Texan credentials once and for all!

What city has the Alamo?

San Antonio is in the Rio Grande Valley (Land of Two Summers) along the San Antonio River in Hidalgo County, TX, near the Mexico border. The Battle of the Alamo was fought from Feb. 23, 1936, through March 6, 1936. It was fought between 4,000 Mexican Army troops versus 180 Americans over the rights to Texas. Andrew Jackson was the US President and General Santa Anna was the Mexican President. US General Sam Houston fought back after the US defeat, giving Texas victory and independence On March 21, 1936.


Are Texas cowboys referred to in two different meanings?

Cowboys are a Texas NFL football team in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, but the team is based in Frisco, TX. Games are played in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Also, Texan cowboys live and work on ranches, often riding horses and herding cattle. Some are wranglers. There are female cowgirls, too. Some cowboys/girls ride in rodeos. "Texas Cowboys" also exist as a men's group at University of TX (Longhorns) in Austin.


Do you know what a Yankee means in a non-sports way?

Southerners use this term for Northerners. "Yankee Doodle" (from the 1700s) was a popular song that started this term.


The capital of Texas is ...

Austin is the capital and in is Travis County. It is the fourth largest city in Texas and 11th largest in the US. Austin has 250 music venues. It is known for the University of Texas at Austin, the Texas Longhorns.


Is good barbeque known to be mentioned in the same sentence as heading to Texas?

Texas has a reputation for excellent bbq/barbeque joints/eateries. This might be from all of the cattle in the area or the long days out in the fields. Either way, Texas is known for amazing bbq spots!


SMU stands for......

SMU is a private college in Dallas, TX, with approximately 3,200 undergrad and grad students, a law school, renown music department (#1 ranked) and business school. SMU Mustangs perform in 17 sports. SMU is ranked #56 of 310 in best national colleges and its law school ranked #46 of 197. SMU boasts an endowment of $1.4 billion and a budget of $635 million.


Where was JFK shot?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th US president, was assassinated in Dealey Plaza (named "Birthplace of Dallas") in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. CST by former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in a presidential motorcade waving to fans with his wife, Jacqueline and John and Nellie Connally. Dealey Plaza became a National Historic Landmark in 1993.


Who was John Connally?

He was also the 61st US Secretary of the Treasury. He was injured in the assassination of President Kennedy while riding in the motorcade with his wife, Nellie. He lived 1917-1993. He was lieutenant commander in the Navy, practiced law, ran for president in 1980, and was a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin.


How many female governors of Texas were there?

Ann Richards was the second female governor of Texas following Miriam Ferguson who served 1925-1927 and 1933-1935. Richards served 1991-95.


Is Texas known as the Lone Star State?

This name originated from the design called the National Standard of Texas for the original Republic of Texas flag (1836-39); a single five-point star. The nickname became official in 2015.


Texas is the ____ largest US state.

Texas is the second largest US state in area and population.


Is Texas in the Northern or Southern region of USA?

Texas and the term, "South," are synonymous. Texas is in the Central portion of the South.


The state to the East of Texas is......

Louisiana is to the east of Texas and hosts Mardi Gras which attracts many tourists each year.


______is the closest state to the NE.

Arkansas is to the NE of Texas and is known for Bill Clinton as governor before he became the US President.


________ is the state to the North of Texas.

Oklahoma is just north of Texas and very similar in raising cattle, a similar southern accent and many cowboys!


_________ is the state to the West.

New Mexico is the state to the west of Texas and has some amazing caves that belonged to the American Indians.


The main airport in northern Texas is.....

Texas has more than one airport, but DFW is the main hub for travelers in North Central Texas. American Airlines uses this location as its major hub. DFW boasts the rank of the 11th most-traveled passenger airport in the world. DFW was called Amon Carter Field, and then, Greater SW Int'l Airport as it competed with Dallas Love Field.


The largest city in Texas is......

Houston has a population of over 2 million. It has bragging rights of NASA. It is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the US. The Allen brothers named it after Sam Houston. Cotton, lumber, iron, and sugar were the roots of Houston with many enslaved African Americans working on plantations. George Bush Int'l Airport opened in 2003. About 200,000 New Orleans residents relocated to Houston after Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused $50 billion in damage to Houston.


The governor is.....

Greg Abbott is the th Texas governor.


Texas was added to the Union on......

This annexation was a reminder of Texas being independent from Mexico. Texas was added as the 28th state of the US on December 29,1845.


Abbreviations for Texas are....

Every state has postal abbreviations guided by The Associated Press Stylebook used by US newspapers. The ANSI American National Standards Institute creates alphabetical codes for each state. This ANSI code standard is the same as the USPS code except islands have AM added and military codes which also have AA, AE, AP.


The Texas flower is the ...

The bluebonnet is named after a woman's sunbonnet and was named as the official Texas flower in 1901 by the Texas legislature. The bluebonnet is most common in Central and Southern Texas and blooms in the Spring. Other names for the bluebonnet are lupines texensis, buffalo clover, wolf flower, and el conejo.


Is pecan pie popular due to any state tree?

The pecan tree is called Carya illinoensis and it was named the Texas tree in 1919. Pecan pie is the official Texas state pie.


What does "Six Flags Over Texas" signify?

Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of TX, Confederate States of America and USA. Six Flags is prominent throughout Texas in various buildings from malls, amusement parks, museums, capitol, and colleges.


Texas is the ____ highest gross state product exporter.

Since 2002, it is the second highest gross state product exporter. If it was a country, it would be the 10th largest in the world.


Matagorda is known as an island, bay, city and .....

Matagorda is in Texas but is not a single place. It is an island, bay and state park. The city is near the Colorado River near the upper portion of Texas. It is a small town of approximately 500. Due to its beautiful area on the ocean, the city makes its revenue on tourism and fishing.


Texas had four industries boost its economy in the early 1900s. They are ...

Nowadays, cattle, cotton, dairy, poultry, corn, wheat, sorghum, nursery stock, as well as chemicals, petroleum, natural gas, food processing, electrical equipment, machinery, mining, and tourism are the main sources of Texas' economic success.


Is Texas known to have petroleum?

Petroleum fueled the economy in much of the 1900s. The Texas oil boom (gusher age) occurred during the 20th century with Beaumont, Texas, being at the center of the oil discovery. The Lucas gusher in 1901 was the first major gusher in SE Texas, located in Spindletop near Beaumont, but wells were discovered all across Texas. Houston became a monumental place for refineries and petrochemical plants, putting Houston on the world map.


Is the best Mexican food joint a hole-in-the wall?

Often the smaller restaurants are some of the best especially when it comes to authentic dishes like Mexican food. Texas boasts some of the best Mexican food, most likely due to its location near Mexico.


Is Galveston land-locked or near water?

Scholes International Airport is on the island and the North Atlantic Ocean surrounds the island. A bridge for highway 45 connects the island to the mainland. The closest cities are La Marque and Texas City inland and Corpus Christi is South along with Mexico with Pelican Island being close-by.


Are most affluent Texans country club members?

Affluent Texans like to have a place to play golf, play tennis, dine and network. Country clubs are important parts of high society in many states, including the top tier of wealth in the bigger cities of Texas, such as Dallas and Houston.


Are Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue on speed dial?

Texas has many affluent citizens allowing for stores like Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus to do very well.


Are Aerospace and Texas known to be a joint venture?

Texas boasts 10 aerospace colleges, including the University of Texas at Austin. Aerospace companies range from Lockheed Martin to Stars & Stripes Aerospace. The Johnson Space Center in Houston is part of NASA putting Texas on the world aeronautics and space map.


Is Blue Water Highway in Corpus Christi?

Blue Water Highway is on Follets Island.


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