You just won a million dollars! What's the first thing you should buy?

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Congratulations - you are now a millionaire! When you claim your winnings, what's the first thing you should buy with your new-found riches? Will it be a large purchase or something else?

Where do you do most of your shopping?

What luxury feature would you like in a new car?

Will you invest any of your money?

How would your friends describe your spending style?

Where would you most like to vacation?

What do you do to try to save money?

Which Pixar film do you like most?

How do you think you would have won the million dollars?

Which Las Vegas game would you win the most money playing?

Who is the first person you will tell about your winnings?

Would you describe yourself as lucky?

Which television game show would you win?

What is the last thing you won?

Which of the world's most expensive restaurants would you treat yourself to after winning?

What will you do to celebrate your winnings?

How will you react when you are told you just won a million dollars?

Which celebrity chef would you hire to cook for you?

Who will you leave your fortune to in your will?

If you were to have a designer make an outfit for you, who would it be?

Which money-related movie would you like to watch?

Which spa service might you treat yourself to when you win?

Will you share your winnings?

What is the last large item you purchased?

Do you feel guilty for buying expensive things?

Which grocery store aisle do you shop in most?

Which expensive drink would you buy?

Who will you give a gift to, when you win?

Would you consider investing in property?

Which television show is your life most like?

Which random act of kindness are you most likely to perform?

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