Answer These Yes or No Questions And We'll Guess What Season You Were Born In

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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You have inherited many of your unique and varied personality traits from the season you were born in. Whether it's spring or summer, your time of birth says more about you than you might think. Winter babies are associated with toughness and fall babies are associated with something completely different. By the time you answer our yes or no questions, we'll know exactly when you were born.

We could just come out and ask you which month you call your birth month, but that wouldn't be any fun at all. Instead, we think it would be more interesting to ask you a series of yes or no questions designed to get to know you. Once we feel like we were in the delivery room the day you were born, we will take our best guess.

When you read our question, listen to your gut instinct. If you listen carefully, you will hear a voice in your head saying either yes or asserting no. Simply choose the option you first thought of, and you'll let us know a little about you with every answer. 

What season were you born in? Tell us yes or tell us no, and we'll know. Or, will we?

Do you plant flowers during certain times of the year?

Would you rather go skiing than go surfing?

Do you like iced tea more than you like hot tea?

Have you ever built a snow fort?

Do you know the time of day you were born?

Do you go on spring break every year?

Do you own more than one swimsuit?

Would your friends describe you as rosy and optimistic?

Do you know how to build a fire in a fireplace?

Are you they type that celebrates your birthday all month?

Were there more than 20 candles on your last birthday cake?

Do you have expensive tastes in birthday presents?

Do you coworkers celebrate your birthday?

Do you own a pair of snow boots?

Have you ever been thrown a surprise birthday party?

Would you mind sharing your birthday with Halloween?

Would you say Christmas is your favorite holiday?

Do you like attending barbecues?

Do you have a huge collection of hats and scarves?

Do you get sunburned easily?

Do you enjoy decorating cookies for family get togethers?

Are you a fan of going on long hikes?

Do you tolerate heat better than cold?

Would you say you are physically active?

Do you make a birthday wish every year?

Have you been told the story of your birth more than once?

Do you know your zodiac sign?

If you could, would you hibernate all winter?

Do you still live in the same town you were born in?

Do you own more than five pair of sunglasses?

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