Would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Ana Todorovic

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About This Quiz

What if a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, would you be prepared? Take this quiz and find out!

The zombie apocalypse hits — what do you search for first?

What is your weapon of choice against the zombies?

Where would you hind if a zombie is coming right at you?

How many long lasting food items such as canned, freeze-dried​ and processed do you have in your house?

Which of the following security features are in your house?

Where would you go to find food when you run out?

How would you source and clean, water?

If you had to travel away from your home to safety, what mode of transportation would you choose?

The zombie apocalypse has been around for a few years, gas has gone bad and you have to find a new source of energy, you...

If you only had time to grab 3 items from your home before fleeing, which items would they be?

How many trusted friends do you have?

One of your loved ones has turned into a zombie, what do you do?

How good are your first aid skills?

What food item could you not live without?

When you panic you tend to:

Do you know how to source food and medicine from plants?

Describe your group of friends:

When faced with a tough decision, you:

What are you most scared of?

What would you be happiest to see?

What makes you angry?

How would you become a zombie?

How do you feel about relationships?

What item could you not live without?

Where would you prefer to be during a zombie apocalypse?

Where do you plan to hide out?

How do you feel about working with a group of others during the apocalypse?

Your mom's been turned into a zombie, you...

What would be your means of transportation?

Honestly, how far can you run/walk with out stopping?

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