Would You Rather Be Attacked by a Shark, Turtle or an Otter?

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We share this world with an abundance of creatures, some of which are less tolerant of humans encroaching on their space than others. Even animals we rarely consider aggressive have their limits and sometimes will either be surprised, frightened or just in a bad mood when a human wanders by and then nature takes its course. We have to respect the space of the animals around us and be prepared to accept the consequences if we happen to run afoul of an animal that just doesn't want us around.

It's probably pretty common knowledge these days that sharks are generally a thing to avoid in the wild. While they're not nearly as dangerous as movies would have us believe, the fact is they are apex predators with powerful jaws, sharp teeth and no qualms about biting something they think might be food. It's not personal, it's just nature. But they're not the only potentially aggressive beasts in the sea. Even a humble otter has been known to act very aggressively to humans or other animals. Turtles also have some fury to work out, hence the entire species known as the snapping turtle. But say you had to get bit by one of these animals? Think we can guess which one you'd choose? Take the quiz and see!

When it comes to pain, do you have a high threshold or do you scream even before something touches you?

What's your favorite kind of seafood anyway?

Have you ever actually gone swimming in the ocean?

If you were planning some kind of extreme water-based activity, what would it be?

What about less intense water sports? What are you into?

Have you ever petted a dolphin?

North America is home to five Great Lakes. But clearly, only one lake can be the greatest. Which is it?

Speaking of bites, have you ever been bitten by something before?

If you had to get bitten by a horror movie monster, which one would you want it to be?

Speaking of vampires, everyone knows Dracula but is there another one you'd take a bite from?

Do you have a favorite kind of shark out there in the water?

Hollywood can't stop making shark movies. What's the best one?

Turtles get some love in movies now and then. Who's your favorite fictional turtle?

Aside from otters, which sea mammal would you like to hang out with?

Which species of fish, aside from sharks, would you not want to mess with?

Which of these sea monsters would you least like to run afoul of?

We're going on a cruise! Where would you most like to go?

So what do you do when an animal bites you anyway?

Which one of these bugs do you think gives the worst bite?

If you had to get bit by one of these massively powerful land animals, which would you choose?

Speaking of bite, which spicy food do you like the most?

What are you most afraid of?

Would you ever bite someone in self defense?

Have you ever actually been attacked by an animal before?

Some people are super into pet fish. What kind would you like?

How often do you get to go fishing?

All things being equal, do you consider yourself to be a good swimmer?

If you're heading to the beach for a day, what are you most likely to do when you get there?

Do you have a specific beach that is "your" beach or do you just go wherever?

Shark, turtle and otter attacks are bad, but which of these attacks would you also want to avoid?

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