Would You Make it to the End of The Bachelor?

By: Brian Whitney
Image: American Broadcasting Company

About This Quiz

Love it or hate it, "The Bachelor" has captured the hearts of millions. The idea of a bunch of women competing for a husband is too good to resist. How far would you make it?

Are you really at a place where you want to settle down?

Would you fall in love with just about anybody that was "The Bachelor?"

Are you here for love or to get famous?

How much do you drink when you get nervous?

Are you comfortable on camera?

Do you have any kids?

Do you mind making out with a guy right after he has made out with someone else?

Could you love a guy that was openly dating other women?

Are you competitive?

Can you be friends with a woman and still be her rival?

How would you feel if you cried on TV?

You got one of the last roses, how do you act?

What do you do in real life when you get jealous of a woman?

How easy are your parents to get along with?

Would you dad be nice to The Bachelor?

How do you look in an evening gown?

Would you marry someone if they had kids?

Are you a good listener?

How do you handle being on a group date?

When was your last serious relationship?

Do you need a big engagement ring?

If you are in the back of a limo with The Bachelor and another girl, what would you do?

You feel like The Bachelor has been ignoring you, what do you do?

You don't like one of the other women, how do you handle it?

What is your favorite VH-1 dating show?

Are you excited to go to the Fantasy Suite?

How do you look in a bikini?

Are you a good sport?

Are you prone to having epic meltdowns?

How would you be at falling in love with someone who hasn't decided if they even want to hang out with you?

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