Would You Make a Good Stunt Double?

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They're the unsung daredevils of film and television and let's admit, they've got be a little crazy, right? Whether it's throwing yourself out of a building or crashing a car, could you make it as a stuntman?

Which sounds like a fun first date?

What kind of stunts would you be interested in doing?

What is your favorite genre of movie?

Here are four actors who have done their own stunts. Who is your favorite?

If you weren't a stuntman, what kind of teaching job would you have?

What do you think about actors who do their own stunts?

Which series of stunt-heavy movies is your favorite?

Do you think Bruce Lee could be considered a stuntman?

Which risky activity sounds like it would be the most fun?

If you told your friends you were going to be a stuntman, what would they say?

If you were in a car hurling through the air, set to hopefully land on a ramp, but it looked close, what would you think?

If you were in that same scenario, what kind of music would be going through your head?

Which should never, ever be used in stunts?

Which one best describes a WWE wrestler?

What do you think a stuntman who jumps off a six-story building into an airbag should be paid?

If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto, which was your immediate thought?

Which Winter Olympic sport seems the most fun?

How good are you with a gun?

If you couldn't be a stuntman, what other job on a movie set would you like?

Now we're going to get a sense of what kind of stunts you like. Of the four movies listed, which one had the best stunts?

Which of the stunts below would frighten you to perform the most?

Every good stuntman needs to eat breakfast before going to work. What would you decide on eating?

Where do you think would be the best location to perform a stunt?

Most stunt people have to look like other people when they perform a stunt. What do you think would be the hardest aspect of this part of stunting?

Which movie made before 1950 had the best stunts?

Which cartoon movie would have had the best stunts if it were real?

How much should a matinee cost at a typical cinema?

How will you pick your career?

If you are/were/could be addicted to something, what would it be?

What's holding you back most from being a stuntman?

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