Would You Be Able to Graduate From High School Today?

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High school memories are generally about making new friends, dancing at prom or homecoming and, of course, studying for those difficult exams. Do you remember much about subjects like math, history, science and English? 
Some of these subjects might have seemed pointless back in the day, but they're essential to shaping all of us into well-rounded human beings. In other words, it's not about remembering specific formulas, historic dates or what a compound word is (although that might come in handy in the future). High school is about using that smart brain of yours to figure out problems in a creative and logical manner. And, speaking of difficult subjects, you probably remember advanced classes like chemistry, physics, calculus and biology, which required you to stretch your brain muscles and use those after-school hours for homework help!

But what does it mean to graduate from high school? Is it all about getting good grades, or is it really about becoming a competent person who will succeed in a future career? There's no right or wrong answer to this, but it's something to ponder nonetheless. So if you're curious about whether or not you'd pass high school today, take this educational quiz now!

Did you always get good grades during your school years?

Iron is an element of the periodic table. What is its symbol?

When you study, are your study materials organized?

Which of the following formulas is known as the Pythagorean theorem?

How many hours per week would you spend studying for an exam?

What is the answer to the following math problem: 5/.50?

Do you like to participate in classroom discussions?

F. Scott Fitzgerald is the author of which of these popular books?

Is it better to study by yourself or with a group of people?

The atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima during WWII was known as _______?

Do you believe in eating a well-balanced breakfast before going to school?

Who was the second president of the United States?

How do you tend to prioritize different types of homework?

Which of these states was not one of the original thirteen colonies?

How much sleep would you probably get before a big exam?

Do you know what the largest country on our planet is, by area?

Would it be more fun to attend a party or study for an exam?

You've got a heart that works hard to keep you alive, but do you know how many valves it has?

Who would be your biggest critic when it comes to your grades?

One of these words is not an abstract noun, but do you know which one it is?

Which type of learner do you think you are?

Which of these countries is not part of the United Kingdom?

Did you ever fail a class during your school years?

What planet in our solar system has an average temperature of 864° F?

Are you well-versed in many school subjects?

If you loved art class, then you should know all of your primary colors! Can you name them?

What type of intelligence lies within your brain?

Which of these great philosophers is known as the Father of Western Philosophy?

Are you afraid of asking people questions?

You've likely heard of the abbreviation "A.D." in terms of years (e.g., 702 A.D.). What does A.D. stand for?

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