Will Your Jealousy Sabotage Your Relationship?

Brian Whitney

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Relationships are hard enough, even if you trust your partner completely. But if you let jealousy get in your way things can get really out of control. Could jealousy ruin your relationship?

Your partner has a friend of the opposite sex, what do you think?

Do you think you are good enough for your partner?

Is it possible for a guy to resist the temptation to cheat with someone he is attracted to?

Do you worry your partner would dump you if someone better looking or more successful came along?

Does it bug you if your partner seems to be flirting?

Your partner is having lunch with an attractive coworker. What do you think?

What would happen if you two broke up?

Do you think your partner will be faithful to you for the rest of your life?

Your partner left his email open, what do you do?

Would you ever hire someone to follow your partner around?

Do you ever go through your partner's phone?

Does it make you mad when people of the opposite sex look at your partner?

Does your partner ever talk to any of their exes?

Do you ever flirt with people to make your partner jealous?

Does it bother you if your partner talks to someone attractive at a party?

How would you handle it if your partner talked to someone attractive at a party for a long time?

What do you do if your partner dissapears for a long time at a party?

Your partner is spending a lot more time texting lately, what do you think is up?

My partner went out to a bar and said he would be back at 8, and now it is midnight, what are you thinking?

Does it bother you if your partner says someone famous is hot?

You two haven't been having sex as much lately, why do you think?

You gained a little weight, how do you think your partner feels about how attractive you are?

Your partner takes a lot of pride in his appearance, why do you think that is?

Does it bother you if you aren't the most attractive person in the room?

Does it bother you if your partner makes more money than you?

Your partner's boss is super attractive. Does this bother you?

Your partner has been going to the gym a lot, why do you think that is?

Your partner just totally checked out someone's butt, how do you react?

Do you know someone who definitely is super into your partner?

Do you often try and tag along when your partner goes out with friends?

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