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Are you royalty? In the 2001 film, we see Mia transform from a regular teenager to a princess. Do you have what it takes to become royalty? How well do you remember the film? Let's find out with this quiz!

How does Mia get to school in the morning in the beginning of the film?

When Mia gets ready to go to school, we see her grab her scooter and ride to school before meeting up with her best friend on the way.


What is the name of Mia's best friend?

When Mia rides her scooter to school, she meets up with her best friend, Lily, played by Heather Matarazzo.


What is Mia's class debating?

During Mia's debate class, Josh, played by Erik von Detten is debating that their private school should allow for casual Fridays. It is Mia's responsibility to debate that uniforms are the way to go.


Which actress stars as Mia Thermopolis?

Anne Hathaway stars as Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis in the 2001 film, "The Princess Diaries."


Where does Mia work?

When Mia goes to work after school, her mom visits her at a rock climbing gym and tells her the news of her grandmother's visit.


What country is Mia's father from?

Mia's mother, Helen, tells Mia that her grandmother is coming to visit from Genovia, her father's home country.


What song does Mia's music class sing?

After a little jam session before class begins, Mia's music class gets together to sing "Catch a Falling Star" by Perry Como.


When Mia gets to her grandmother's house, what is yelled at her in multiple languages?

When Mia arrives at the Genovian consulate, instead of walking along the driveway, she walks across the grass. She is soon yelled at on the intercom to "Get off the grass!"


When Mia first arrives at the Genovian consulate, what does she tell the guard not to crush?

When Mia first gets to the Genovian consulate to meet with her grandmother, a guard starts patting down her bookbag. She tells him not to crush her soy nuts, but he tells her they're safe.


For what fruit is Genovia known?

While Mia is waiting for her grandmother, she notices that there are pears in the plants. When she brings it up to Charlotte, her grandmother's assistant, she tells Mia that Genovia is famous for pears.


Which actress stars as Mia's grandmother, Clarisse?

Julie Andrews stars in the 2001 film "The Princess Diaries" as Queen Clarisse Renaldi, the crown Queen of Genovia.


What is Mia's middle name?

When Clarisse reveals to Mia that she isn't simply Amelia Thermopolis, she tells her that she is actually Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, princess of Genovia.


What's the name of Mia's cat?

In the film, we often see Mia talking to her black and white cat, Fat Louie.


What is the name of Mia's neighbor?

Mia lives next door to a writer, Mr. Robitussin, who writes most of his content from the things he views from his lawn.


What is Mia's school's mascot?

While Mia gets ready to head to gym class, she walks by the cheerleaders who are performing a cheer for their mascot, the Lions.


What kind of car does Mia own?

Although we don't see the car for most of the film, Mia owns a Mustang that is currently getting fixed by a mechanic.


What is the name of Michael's band?

When Mia goes to the mechanic to check on her Mustang, we see Michael's band practicing. As they finish their set, they announce their name, Fly Paper.


Where does "The Princess Diaries" take place?

At the opening of the film, we see the Golden Gate Bridge and the camera pans across the popular streets of San Francisco and the trolley routes.


What does Mia's mother work as?

Mia's mother works an artist. Mia even mentions that her mother sold two paintings to buy her a Mustang.


What kind of scarf does Clarisse use to restrain Mia?

In order to get Mia to sit up straight, Clarisse has her tied to a dining chair with an Hermes scarf wrapped around her shoulders.


What is the name of Mia's stylist?

When Clarisse plans to have Mia transformed, she hires a stylist named Paolo. He, along with his assistants, tame Mia's hair, pluck her brows, and force her to wear to eye contacts.


What does Paolo accidentally break while using it on Mia?

In the beginning of the film, Mia's hair is big and curly. As Paolo tries to tame it, he accidentally breaks the brush in her hair.


What's the phrase Clarisse tells Mia to think of as she waves?

As Clarisse is showing Mia the proper way to wave, she tells her to use slight movements. She tells her to wave as if she were saying "Thank you for being here today."


Which actress stars as Lana?

Mandy Moore stars as one of Mia's bullies, Lana. When she finds out that Mia is a princess, she pretends to the press that they were friends.


With whom does Mia have her first kiss?

When Mia ditches Michael to go to the beach with Josh, they are hiding in a shed and Josh kisses her. It wasn't her ideal first kiss because her foot 'couldn't' pop!


What is the name of Lily's TV show?

Lily has a show that appears on TV and when it is revealed that Mia is a princess, she asks her to come on as a guest. Instead, Mia forgets and goes to the beach with Josh.


Who tells the press that Mia is a princess?

Although Clarisse makes Paolo and his assistants sign a confidentiality agreement, he tells the press for a 'small' sum and they show up at her high school.


What grade is Mia in?

When Mia asks Joe if she has to be a princess, he tells her that one can't simply stop being who they are. She tells him that all she wants to do is pass the 10th grade.


What snack does Mia introduce her grandmother to?

When Clarisse cancels Mia's princess lessons for the day, Mia brings her around San Francisco. She then lets her grandmother have her first bite of a corn dog.


Which two countries is Genovia between?

When Mia arrives at school for the second day, the press is still surrounding the campus. We hear one of the reporters asking if anyone knows where Genovia is located, and someone answers with between France and Spain. According to her, it was a Jeopardy trivia question!


Mia's mom said Josh is a clone from which boy band?

When Helen asks Mia who she's going to the beach day with, she finds out it's Mia's longtime crush, Josh Bryant. She then calls him a Backstreet Boys clone, which Mia refutes by saying that he's a sailor.


What song do Lana and the Lanettes perform at their high school's beach day?

At the beach day, Lana and the Lanettes perform the 1958 classic, "Stupid Cupid" by Connie Francis.


What candy is on the pizza that Mia sends to Michael as an apology?

We learn of Michael's love for M&M's when we see him playing the piano with M&M's on the keyboard. To apologize for ditching him, Mia sends him a pizza with "Sorry" spelled out in the candy.


What are the colors on the Genovian crest?

Throughout the film, we see the Genovian crest on the flag on the limos and throughout the consulate. They are gold, red, and purple.


Which song starts playing during Mia's "foot popping" kiss?

"Miracles Happen" by Myra begins playing at the end of the film. The music begins during Mia's "foot popping" kiss with Michael in the garden and continues until the end of the film.


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