Will You Be Friend Zoned?

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The dreaded friend zone is so easy to slip into if you aren’t careful, especially when you really like a person a lot. It often happens that two people have a great time together, but they don’t share the same feelings for each other. One of them might be loving the fact they have someone so close and sincere to talk to, while the other one might be burning with desire for them.

People are often very complicated, and our relationships can’t always be precisely defined. Does your crush act silly around you? Do they tell you all of their secrets? Do they tease you from time to time? Do you feel they might be trying to make you jealous? Is it possible that you’ve been reading the signs all wrong? These are the questions each of us has asked ourselves at least once. Even though it sounds like the most logical thing to do, it’s not easy to ask someone if they are really into us, especially when we already have a great relationship with that person. So, what do we do? We read the signals. 

Some people are masters of reading mixed signals, but others don’t know what to think or how to make the relationship go a step further. You might jeopardize a beautiful friendship if you tell your crush about your feelings, but what if they feel the same?

If you're falling for someone who keeps sending mixed signals and you dread the awful friend zone, take this quiz to find out exactly where the two of you are going!

Do you feel like your crush is more attractive than you?

Do you socialize with your love interest?

Do they know you like them?

Do you think they might be falling for you too?

Is this person dating someone else at the moment?

How open are you with each other?

How often do you have deep, meaningful conversations with them?

Do you flirt a lot with this person?

How long have you known each other?

When do you usually hang out with your crush?

When you go to a party and your crush is there, where are they exactly?

Do you text a lot with this person?

Who usually initiates the conversations between you two?

Does your crush talk to you about other people they like?

Have you ever seen them dating other people?

What would you say is the most intimate contact the two of you have ever had?

How does your crush react when you talk about other people you like?

Do they often talk to you about their personal problems?

How often do you notice they are fishing for compliments when you are together?

Have they ever offered to do you a favor that would inconvenience them, but benefit you?

How often do you talk about your personal issues with them?

If your crush calls you up when you're having a bad day, what do they do?

Does your crush try on clothes in front of you?

Do they crack inappropriate sexual jokes with you?

Who do you think you are to them at this moment?

Was there an initial attraction between the two of you?

Have you ever slept over?

Have you met their closest friends and family?

When the two of you go out, who pays the bill?

If crush doesn't share your feelings, would you rather stay friends or stop hanging out with them?

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