Will He Cheat? Rate The Risk!

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Almost everyone in a relationship thinks "will they cheat on me?" In the world today, it has almost become inevitable that at least one of your relationships will have some form of infidelity. So we've decided to help you rate the risk with this quiz.

Has he ever cheated on an ex?

Has he ever cheated on you?

Does he flirt with others in front of you?

Has he ever used social media to flirt with others?

Is he an overly touchy guy?

Does he ever disappear for hours at a time?

How you ever lost contact with him for more than a few days?

Does he ever ignore your calls?

Have you ever heard rumors that he's cheating?

How often does he come home late?

Have you noticed changes in the way he dresses?

What about his hygiene?

Has your love life waned at all lately?

Has he been getting agitated with you more easily?

Has he changed a lot for no reason?

Are your instincts telling you that he's cheating?

Does he go out more often?

Have you ever caught him checking someone else out?

Has he ever received mysterious calls or texts?

Do you like his best friends?

Are you ever tempted to check his phone?

Has he ever accused you of cheating?

Is he very secretive?

How would he react if you surprised him at work?

Does he ever leave his phone lying around?

He comes home smelling of perfume. What does he say when you ask him about it?

Does your partner express PDA?

Does he always introduce you as his partner/other half?

How happy does to he seem to be?

Do the two of you live together?

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