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Going from home schooled jungle freak to most hated person to actual normal girl isn't easy. "Mean Girls" is a cult classic that defined an entire generation. It's one of the most frequently quoted movies of all time, and for good reason. With cast members like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, how could it not be a comedic gold mine? Especially since it was written by Fey, a "Saturday Night Live" alum. There are so many little Easter eggs in the movie that you definitely don't notice until about the 400th time you've seen it. (If you say you've seen it any less times than that, you're lying.)

For those at the right age when the movie was released, everything changed in life. It became all about little purses, having shoes that matched your top, talking in weird phrases like "I know, right?" and telling everyone to shut up. It was the era of attitude. It also made people aware of what carbs are, and basically everything is a carb, even butter. Also, cranberry-juice cocktail is not the same thing as cranberry juice and won't help you lose weight. There are so many things about this movie that will never be forgotten. Think you remember everything from the movie? Take this quiz now to find out just how much you know about "Mean Girls!"

Where did Cady move from?

Cady lived in Africa until she was a teenager because of her parents' jobs. But when one of them was transferred to Northwestern, they moved and Cady had to go to a public school for the very first time.


How old was Cady when she started public school for the first time?

Her parents treated her like she was going off to kindergarten, since that's the normal time that kids start public school for the first time. But since Cady had been home-schooled her whole life, 16 was basically 5.


How did Ms. Norbury get coffee all over her on the first day of school?

Cady was trying to find a seat that wasn't taken or behind someone who farts a lot, and she ended up backing right into Ms. Norbury. The coffee splashed all over her, and the doughnuts ended up all over the floor.


When did the back building burn down?

Cady was looking for room G14 when Janice and Damion told her it's in the back building. Since that building burned down in 1987, they just ended up skipping health class and talking about The Plastics.


Who's hair was full of secrets?

Gretchen Wieners was so fetch, and so was her hair. She was one of The Plastics and best friend to Regina and Karen. She once had to pretend like she didn't like a pair of really expensive white-gold hoops, and it was so sad.


How many days a week were the girls allowed to wear their hair in a ponytail?

So many rules! Pink on Wednesday, jeans or track pants only on Fridays, and The Plastics could only wear their hair in a ponytail once a week. Cady was told this when she wore her hair up, so that was it for her for the week.


What sport did Aaron Samuels play?

Not only was he a senior, Regina's ex-boyfriend and Cady's love interest, but he was also a popular soccer player. You didn't see him play much in the movie, but it's there enough to know that soccer was his sport of choice.


Which club was social suicide?

Cady loved math because it's the same in every country. So it was no surprise that she showed interest in joining the mathletes. If she joined, they might even be able to get jackets. But the general consensus was that mathletes were social suicide.


Who did Cady think sung the song in Regina's bedroom as the girls evaluated their bodies?

Regina wanted the radio on, and when a song started to play, she asked Cady if she even knew who sang it. Cady responded with The Spice Girls, which made the other girls giggle. Apparently, that made her "like a martian."


When was happy hour?

Mrs. George, and her rock-hard assets, brought the girls drinks for happy hour between 4 and 6. They were non alcoholic, but if you wanted a little, it's okay, because she'd rather you do it in the house.


What was Cady's Halloween costume?

No one told Lady about the s*** rule, so she showed up in a full-on costume, face makeup included. She went as an "ex-wife," aka a dead bride still decked out in her wedding gear. She really did bring the scare.


Why was it bad that Karen made out with Seth?

At the Halloween party, Karen thought that it was okay to make out with Seth because you have your cousins, then you have your first cousins, then you have your second cousins. But that's so not right.


Do you remember the name of the bars that Cady gave to Regina to help her lose weight?

Regina just wanted to lose three pounds. So as revenge for Regina kissing Aaron at Halloween, Cady decided to feed her the bars that Cady's mom used to give to kids in Africa to help them gain weight.


When Regina breaks out, what did Cady give her?

All that cranberry juice from the South Beach Flush diet was making her break out. Since Janice worked at a bath-and-body store, the perfect sabotage was to give her foot cream instead of face cream.


Which one of The Plastics had ESPN or something?

Karen was a really special person. Her boobs could tell when it was going to rain. Well, they could tell when it was raining. It's like she has ESPN or something. And also a fifth sense. (She meant "ESP" and "sixth sense.")


What song did Damion sing at the talent show?

Damion called himself a star on the rise and entered the stage to sing his female power ballad. Although not everyone in the audience was into it; the guys in the front row threw a sneaker at him, but Damion threw it right back.


Who originally choreographed The Plastics' talent-show routine?

Damion asked Janice if it bothered her that The Plastics still used her original choreography, which tells us that the dance was created when she and Regina were best friends in middle school.


Everyone loved jewelry, but who's "thing" was hoop earrings?

Gretchen had to pretend like she didn't even like the pair of white-gold hoops she got for Hanukkah because Regina told her that hoops were her thing. According to Gretchen, it was so sad.


Which musical group's concert did Cady have to miss to go to Janice's art show/throw a party?

Cady told her parents she couldn't go to the concert because of Janice's art show, and she promised her she'd go. But what she really did was throw a party to get Aaron Samuels to her house after he and Regina broke up.


What facial feature did Regina compliment Cady on during her makeover?

The girls gathered in Regina's bedroom to do a Plastic makeover on Cady, Regina told her she had really good eyebrows. Tensions were rising in the group, and Regina swatted Gretchen's hand away from Cady's hair.


Where was Regina hooking up with Shane Oman on Thursdays?

It all came crashing down when "somebody on the baseball team" told Aaron about the cheating, even though it was Cady. He was tutoring her, and Cady was trying to break them up, so that seemed like a good effort.


Why couldn't Regina go to Taco Bell?

Since starting to eat the Kalteen Bars, Cady told her that the bars would just burn up all the carbs she ate, so Regina took that to mean she could only eat carbs. Karen suggested Taco Bell to make her feel better about Aaron, but Regina said she couldn't go because she was on an all-carb diet.


Cady's dad had lived in Africa for so long that he didn't know that kids can't go out when they're this?

Cady got grounded when her dad found out that she was failing math. But then he let her go to the mathletes competition. When questioned about it by Cady's mother, he asked, "Are they not allowed to go out when they're grounded?"


Everyone in Africa can read which language?

The back of the Kalteen Bar is all in Swedish, which worked out well for deceiving Regina into believing it would help her lose weight. When asked about it, Cady said that everyone in Africa can read Swedish.


In Cady's bedroom, what did Aaron find and gaze at on Cady's dresser?

Aaron ended up in Cady's room during the rager and felt like he was getting a glimpse of the real Cady. He saw a picture of Cady with the rest of The Plastics, but behind it was a framed photo of a young Cady in Africa, sitting atop an elephant.


In the Burn Book, what was written about Ms. Norbury?

Ms. Norbury told Cady that she was a pusher and that she was going to push Cady to do better. When venting to The Plastics, things got out of hand, and that turned into Ms. Norbury being a drug pusher. So that's what ended up in the book.


Did North Shore win the mathletes state championship?

Even though she was grounded, Cady went to the mathletes competition. She found herself up against another girl and realized the problem at hand was right after Aaron got his haircut. She managed to get the right answer for the win, though.


Why didn't Mr. Duvall not cancel the Spring Fling dance?

During an all-girls assembly after the Burn Book went public, Mr. Duvall said that he was tempted to cancel the Spring Fling dance. He didn't, though, because the DJ had already been paid, which seems like a valid reason.


Who won Spring Fling Queen?

Cady won and was met with a lot of disdain. But Cady made her famous speech, broke up the tiara and shared it with the other contestants and girls in the crowd, all while offering compliments and turning a new leaf on how she treated people.


Did Regina get pushed in front of the bus?

Regina and Cady hit the pinnacle of their feud outside of the school. Regina was in the middle of really letting Cady have it when a bus came out of nowhere and hit her. (For the record, Cady didn't push her.)


Where did Aaron go away to college?

After a treacherous junior year for Cady, her and Aaron finally got together at the Spring Fling dance. He went off to Northwestern for college, but they still dated and Cady was living her normal life as a non-hated senior.


When Karen was getting ready for the dance, what did she apply to her chest?

Karen was seen getting ready for the dance in front of a mirror where she was applying a rhinestone letter "K." The only problem? Since she was looking the mirror, she ended up putting it on backward, even though it looked right.


Which school did North Shore go up against at the mathletes state championship?

Cady expressed how nervous she was about the competition, since she'd been out of being good at math for sometime. Ms. Norbury told her she'd be fine, since none of the Marymount boys were cute and wouldn't be a distraction.


The Spring Fling crown came with gift certificates. Where were they for?

Since Cady won, she received two gift certificates to Walker Brother's Pancake House, presented to her by Aaron Samuels. But Damion came over and stole one from him before Aaron could give them to Cady.


What sport did Regina take up to get out all of her rage?

During the next school year after it all went down, it was suggested to Regina that she take up something that would help get all her rage out. She chose lacrosse and became quite the physical player and loved by her teammates.


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