Who's Your Disney Spirit Animal?

Khadija Leon

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About This Quiz

A spirit animal, sometimes called a spirit helper or animal guide, is an entity that is said to guide, help and even protect individuals in certain cultures and traditions. These animals have also been said to exhibit or share characteristics similar to the person which they watch over. 

Many of the spirit animals represent different things in different cultures; for instance, mountain lions and cougars represent strength and leadership, the rabbit and the hare represent humility and quick thinking, while turtles and the tortoises represent patience and self-reliance. 

The regular spirit animals all have their strengths and weaknesses, but in this quiz, we are talking about Disney spirit animals. With movies like "The Lion King," "Bambi," "Finding Nemo," "The Jungle Book" and "Dumbo," which are all centered around animals, it can be difficult to find out who your spirit animal is.

Luckily, this quiz was made to help you do just that. What kind of animals will you be and will it truly be a reflection of your own personality? Will this animal come from your favorite Disney film or one you may not know about? The only way to find out is to take this quiz.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

What is your favorite Disney Pixar movie?

Which of these non-animated movies do you like best?

Which of these is your favorite Disney quotes?

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Which of these characters would you like to have as a friend?

Which of these magical people would you want by your side?

Which of these songs would you sing in the shower?

Who would be your arch nemesis?

Which of the dwarfs would you like to have as a roommate?

Which of these Disney movie items would you like to have?

Which Disney park would you get a yearly pass for?

You think that you are…

Another word which describes you is…

You would prefer to be…

What is your zodiac sign?

Which element are you drawn to?

When making decisions, you often go with…

You dislike people who are…

What do you like to do in your spare time?

If you were to travel, you would do it by…

Which of these places would you like to call home?

Which of these colors do you wear when you feel happy?

What kind of ice cream would you eat if you were in a bad mood?

What do you want most right now?

How do you greet people when you meet them?

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Which of the four seasons is your favorite?

Which of these emojis do you use most?

If you had to get a pet, what would you name it?

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