Who's Your 1980's TV Boyfriend?

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The '80s were exciting, innovative, and full of all sorts of television dream hunks. Let's find out which fine piece of '80s TV man would be your boyfriend!

Which '80s movie do you like most?

What first attracts you to a man?

What would you dress as for an '80s costume party?

What kind of man do you find most attractive?

What '80s fashion trend would you still sport?

What '80s band do you like most?

Which '80s cartoon did you watch most?

Do you like hairy chests?

Where would you most like your '80s boyfriend to take you on vacation?

Which '80s sitcom do you think is funniest?

Which character from "The Golden Girls" do you like most?

What do you think is the secret to keeping love alive?

Which '80s soap opera do you know most about?

Which '80s singer caught your attention first?

Which '80s crime show have you watched most?

Which '80s actress do you like most?

Where would you like to go on a first date with your '80s boyfriend?

Which Bruce Willis film do you like most?

What quality do you bring to a new relationship?

Would it make you nervous to have a famous boyfriend?

What do you think your ex misses most about you?

Which decade do you like almost as much as the '80s?

Which '80s movie actor would you least like to date?

Which Prince song do you like most?

What would be your television studio job?

Which sport do you like most?

What do we have now you thought was impossible in the '80s?

What '80s love song would be your song?

How do you prefer a man keep his hair?

Would you go out with Fabio?

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