Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Mom Be?

Lauren Lubas

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The women in the Harry Potter world are incredibly strong, willful and loving people (well ... most of them), who all have talent and intelligence that surpasses many of the men in the series. As a matter of fact, these women are so powerful that they end up playing significant roles throughout the entire series.

It's no wonder these fabulous witches catch our attention and end up in our imaginations. Come on, admit it, you've thought of yourself living the wizarding world more than once. Well, if you live there, you'd have to have a mom, and that mom might just end up being one of the witches you so look up to in the books.

So, which one would it be? Do you think you'd have a strict, yet encouraging mom like Minerva McGonagall? Or would your mom be incredibly protective of you, like Molly Weasley? Or is your mom going to be more of a pureblooded crab like Walburga Black (Sirius Black's mom)? Or is your wizarding world mom more playful, like Nymphadora Tonks?

If you're curious who your Harry Potter mom would be, answer these simple questions, and we'll tell you which mom you're most likely to have in the wizarding world.

Let's start with a few questions about what you think about nurturing natures. Do you believe hugs are important?

In the wizarding world, how would you help a friend?

If you found a unicorn in distress, what would you do?

Now, answer these questions about what you think of your family. Is your family full of good people?

Do you like going home for the holidays?

Do you like your family?

When you're home, do you ever act out?

Who is your favorite family member?

Now it's time to answer some questions about the wizarding world. What do you think your wand core would be made out of?

What is your favorite means of transportation?

Would you ever use a spell you don't know on someone you love?

What spell do you think would be your signature?

Which fantastic beast scares you the most?

Now let's talk about how you respond to your mother. When your mother asks you to do something, what do you do?

If your mother needed help, would you help her?

When your mother is in a bad mood, what are you most likely to do?

Would your mother ever use sectumsempra on you?

Are you afraid of your mom?

These next few questions are about the kind of student you are. Do you ever miss class?

What kind of grades do you get?

What is your favorite subject?

Have you ever gotten into a fight at school?

Do you think that school is important?

Do you go to the Quidditch matches to support your house?

Speaking of houses, what house are you in?

To finish it off, we're going to ask some random questions that will help us calculate your Harry Potter mom. If you were at school and needed your mom, what would you do?

Would you ever consider dating Harry Potter?

Would your parents get mad if you dated someone who wasn't in your house?

If there was a mystery going on at your school, what would you do?

When it's time to go home for summer, are you excited?

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