Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Dad Be?

Lauren Lubas

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The Harry Potter wizarding world is full of father figures that take their time to teach those that are under them. They are all about helping children learn (although some of them will gladly break the rules to do so), and they want to take care of their families, even when times are tough. They all want their children to learn the ways of the family, the ways of the wizarding world, and the ways of society.

Not only are these father figures relevant to the storylines, but they are also essential for the character development of the story. These teachers always want to help those in need, and it is no surprise that you may have thought (once or twice) about who your dad would be if you lived in the world of Harry Potter. Would your dad be serious, like Severus Snape? Would he be a workaholic Dumbledore? Would he do anything to teach you and help you learn, like Remus Lupin? Or would he be fun-loving and let you get into trouble like Arthur Weasley? 

If you are wondering who your dad would be in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, take some time to answer these questions, and we'll tell you.

Let's start by learning about how you react to authority. If you have a question in class, what are you most likely to do?

When an authority figure tells you that you can't go somewhere, what do you do?

You find a new spell in a book; who are you most likely to try it on?

If you were grounded in the wizarding world, what would you most likely do?

If you were forbidden to go to Hogsmeade with the group, would you stay in your room?

Do you think it's okay to talk back to adults?

Have you ever broken curfew?

Now let's see what kind of student you are. How often do you skip class?

What grades do you normally get in school?

What subject would you excel at Hogwarts?

Do you ever turn in work late?

Have you ever gotten in trouble for talking to a friend in class?

Who do you think teaches you best?

The next few questions are all about what you do in your free time. How often do you meet with friends?

When you're with friends, what are you most likely to do?

How much time do you spend reading for fun?

Now, let's learn about some of your favorite things in the wizarding world. What is your favorite fantastic beast?

Which mode of transportation is your favorite?

What spell would be your signature spell?

Do you like Quidditch?

Do you think you'd be a Triwizard Champion?

Let's talk about the things you expect from a dad in the wizarding world. Do you think your dad should be kind?

Would your dad want to spend a lot of time with you?

If your dad wanted to teach you a new spell, would you listen?

Would your dad protect you if you were in danger?

What will you and your wizard dad do together for fun?

Which subject would your dad excel in in school?

Where did your dad and mom meet?

Here are a couple of random questions that will help us calculate your Harry Potter dad. What would your wand core be?

What do you think your dad would do when you got your acceptance into Hogwarts?

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