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When you watch Disney movies (which is all the time, right?), how often do you focus on the characters' headwear? That's right — the hats, tiaras, beanies, crowns and headpieces of all your favorite Disney characters! If you think about it, many characters just wouldn't look right if you took away their signature hats atop their heads. For instance, can you picture Princess Jasmine without her jeweled headband or Peter Pan without his feathered cap? Nope, we can't either!

Sometimes the headwear even plays an important role in the plot. For example, when Mickey Mouse "borrows" the Sorcerer's hat in "Fantasia," he gains amazing magical powers — maybe more power than he's able to handle! And yes, one of Mickey's most iconic looks is him wearing the blue magician's hat with the moon and stars!

Most Disney characters, even some of the animals, wear a hat or headwear of some sort. The trick to this quiz is seeing whether you can identify those characters by the headwear alone! So don your thinking cap and take a gander at these caps, helmets, crowns, bonnets and headbands. Hats off to anyone who can name all these characters — you clearly have a head for this cap-tivating Disney quiz!

Yee-haw! Can you identify this character by her distinctive red hat?

No one sports a red cowgirl hat better than Jessie, Woody's friend in the "Toy Story" movies! The tomboyish cowgirl never goes anywhere without her hat, especially when she's riding Bullseye.


Can you name this practically perfect character by her distinctive hat?

Mary Poppins' attire wouldn't be complete without her black hat bedecked with flowers. The practically perfect nanny descends from the sky with her floating umbrella and helps the Banks family.


Which mischievous character wears this fez?

Abu, Aladdin's incorrigible monkey sidekick, wears a small fez, just like Aladdin himself. It's especially amusing when the Genie transforms Abu into an elephant, and he's still wearing the tiny cap!


If you see this lovely blue headband, can you name the princess?

Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin" wears her trademark blue headband, which looks stunning against her raven-black hair. The princess even wears it under her hood when disguised as a commoner!


Who wears this simple black ribbon tied in a bow?

Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" is unmistakable, with her blue dress, white apron and black ribbon tied in her blonde hair. The imaginative young girl enters a bizarre fantasy land in her dreams.


There's no mistaking this character's cap with its plucky red feather! Who wears it?

Pinocchio is a little puppet boy who wants more than anything to become a real boy, but he'll have to prove himself worthy first. The puppet wears a yellow hat with a blue ribbon and red feather.


Who wears this big blue ribbon to set off her vivid red hair?

In "The Little Mermaid," when Ariel becomes a human to pursue the man of her dreams, Prince Eric, she dons a blue bow for their outing in the kingdom. Eric is apparently smitten with the beautiful lady.


She wears this big polka-dotted bow. Who is she?

Minnie Mouse, the object of Mickey Mouse's affection, usually dresses in a red or pink polka-dotted dress with a matching bow. The iconic character first appeared in 1928 and was originally named Minerva!


This character can't go to the ball without her sparkling headband! Can you name her?

When the Fairy Godmother gives Cinderella a gorgeous outfit for the ball, she includes a sparkling blue headband, which glitters like a tiara on Cinderella's head. Don't forget the glass slippers!


Which princess made quite an impression wearing this yellow headband?

Belle normally wears a blue dress and bow, but for her special date with the Beast, she dons a gorgeous yellow dress with a matching headband. It's obvious that the Beast can't resist her brains and beauty!


Can you name this character, based on his iconic hat?

Donald Duck's attire wouldn't be complete without his blue sailor hat. The irascible cartoon character is often unintelligible, especially when he's angry, but there's no denying that his outfit is adorable!


Who wears this unmistakable top hat?

The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland" is just one of the many zany characters Alice meets on her adventures. The Mad Hatter wears a large top hat with a price tag on it. Curiouser and curiouser!


This princess sometimes wears a helmet. Can you identify the character?

Mulan courageously takes her elderly father's place in the Chinese Imperial Army, disguising herself as a man to train as a soldier. She wears this helmet in her battle against the invading Huns.


A princess can't forget her tiara! Who is she?

Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, goes to live with three fairies in the woods to escape a witch's curse. But when she's 16, it's time for her to return to the castle and take her place as princess.


This character was magical when he wore this blue hat. Who is he?

In "Fantasia," Mickey Mouse stars as the Sorcerer's apprentice, who "borrows" his master's magic hat without permission. The hapless mouse soon realizes that he got in over his head!


Which character dons this iconic hat?

Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, wears all green, including this cap with a red feather. The impish boy takes Wendy and her brothers for an unforgettable adventure in Neverland.


This princess wears a red bow in her hair. Can you name her?

The young princess wears a simple red bow in her black hair, giving her an innocent look. Snow White melts the hearts of the seven dwarfs and survives an attack by her evil stepmother!


This silly character is typically seen with this iconic green hat. Who is he?

Goofy, the aptly named cartoon dog, wears a rumpled green hat, which matches his gangly and clumsy character. Goofy remains one of Walt Disney's most beloved and recognizable characters. Ayuk!


Do you recognize this villain, based on her crown?

The Evil Queen, Snow White's wicked stepmother, in her quest to become "the fairest of them all," plots to have Snow White killed. Luckily, though, the queen doesn't come out on top!


There's no mistaking this character, based on his hat! Can you identify him?

Jafar is the dastardly villain of "Aladdin," the Sultan's grand vizier who plots to steal the throne. Jafar wears this tall, ornate hat with a dazzling red stone as part of his official getup.


Does the pink ribbon help you identify this Disney character?

Esmeralda is the Romani outcast from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" who beguiles Quasimodo, Phoebus and Frollo alike. The young woman wears a flowing dress and a pink ribbon in her long, dark hair.


Which Disney princess dons this beautiful tiara?

Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog" is a hardworking waitress in Louisiana who kisses a frog prince, only to turn into a frog herself! Luckily, she becomes human again and wears this stunning crown.


Does the cowboy hat tip you off to who this character is?

Woody from "Toy Story" is the rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the Wild West! The loyal cowboy doll wears a sheriff's badge, boots and, of course, a cowboy hat as part of his iconic ensemble.


This ceremonial headdress should clue you in to who's wearing it! Do you know who?

Moana, the daughter of the village chief, knows that she will one day take over as chief and rule the people of Motunui. As such, she wears this ornate headdress for formal ceremonies.


Look closely, and you'll see that this character is wearing leaves on his head as a disguise! Who is he?

In a rousing musical number in "The Jungle Book," Baloo the bear disguises himself as a monkey to rescue Mowgli from King Louie's gang. His ensemble includes coconuts for a mouth and leafy hair!


Wearing this hat, this character is ready to explore the jungle! Can you name her?

Jane expects to study gorillas in the jungle, not a man who's grown up with the apes! In "Tarzan," Jane dons this functional yet fashionable hat to explore the dark, dangerous jungle.


Uh-oh, she's stolen this crown! Do you know who she is?

In "The Little Mermaid," Ursula the sea witch plots to steal King Triton's magic trident by tricking his daughter, Ariel, into a dangerous bargain. When she steals Triton's crown, you know the sea is in trouble!


Apparently this French villain prefers big, triangular hats. Who is he?

Claude Frollo is the cold, scheming villain of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," who lusts after the Romani woman Esmeralda. We've gotta say ... Frollo's "Hellfire" is one of the darkest songs in Disney history!


If this hat doesn't give it away, maybe the bald head and big ears do! Can you name him?

Dopey, the youngest of the seven dwarfs, may not talk, but he shows a lot of joy with his expressive face and wiggly ears! The goofy dwarf wears this tall purple cap whether he's dancing or digging for gems.


Avast! Can you name this rogue with the large hat and equally large feather?

Captain Hook wouldn't be half as menacing without his large pirate hat with its long plume. Of course, Peter Pan has no trouble besting this villainous pirate and feeding his hand to a crocodile!


Can you name this roguish hero by the feather in his cap?

In Disney's "Robin Hood," the title character, an anthropomorphic fox, wears a green cap with a red feather. The outlaw needs it to go up against the corrupt Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham.


Who is this character, wearing a makeshift crown of twigs?

Trolls are love experts, according to Kristoff in "Frozen." So when he brings Anna to meet them, they know right away that the pair belong together! They even dress Kristoff in earthy wedding attire!


What else is this character going to wear, besides a hat made of leaves?

Flik the ant is a natural inventor, so it makes sense that he would fashion a hat made of leaves for his journey. Little does he know that his trip is just an excuse for the colony to get rid of him!


Do you recognize this character by his red circus hat?

Without Timothy Q. Mouse stepping in as a friend, protector and father figure, poor Dumbo would be all alone! So it's lucky that Timothy, who wears a red circus outfit, befriends the lonely elephant.


Who dons this festive jester hat for a big celebration?

The hapless Quasimodo of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" longs to be accepted, despite his unusual appearance. So when he's crowned as the King of Fools, wearing this jester hat, he's truly excited.


No prince would wear this hat. Who trades his hat for more princely garb, to deceive the woman he loves?

To win the love of Princess Jasmine, Aladdin asks the Genie to turn him into a prince. Then, disguised as Prince Ali Ababwa, he parades through the kingdom with all his finery and riches.


Hannah may call him Mrs. Nesbitt, but can you provide this character's real name?

Poor Buzz! After learning he's actually a toy and experiencing an identity crisis, Buzz Lightyear falls into the hands of Hannah, who dresses him up as Mrs. Nesbitt for a tea party. Oh, the indignity!


She may fall in love with an outlaw, but she still wears this elegant medieval hat. Can you name her?

Maid Marian is Robin Hood's one true love, and she loves him back, despite his outlaw status. Once King Richard returns from war, he blesses their marriage. Oo-de-lally, golly, what a day!


If you're a god, naturally you wear a winged hat. Who is this character?

Hermes is one of the gods of Greek mythology who appears in "Hercules." The flying messenger god wears this groovy hat to set off his tunic, staff, purple glasses and winged sandals.


This character wears a purple hat with a flower. Who is she?

In "The Fox and the Hound," Tod's adoptive mother, Widow Tweed, mostly wears simple attire, like big, clunky boots. She works on a small farm, after all! But when she dresses up, she dons this purple hat for a little style!


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