Who were you in a previous life?

By: Ashley D.
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About This Quiz

You always knew you were an Austrian Empress in a previous life, right? Or maybe a badass pirate? Let's see if your past-life self is really as cool as you think it was.

You are a...

Pick a hobby.

What are your thoughts on authority?

What is your opinion on religion?

Do you prefer the outdoors or indoors?

What is your thoughts on wealth?

You have an appetite for...

What do you value above everything else?

What's your earliest memory of?

When do you most often experience deja vu?

Do you often feel like you can remember something, but you're not sure if it ever actually happened?

As a child do you remember your parents fighting?

Do you remember the first question of this quiz?

When you need to think you...

Getting drunk is...

What's your astrological sign?

Which color resonates with you most?

What quality best represents you?

What scars you most?

What is your favorite school subject?

In a conflict I....

At parties I am....

Which do you know more about?

Around strangers you...

If I were king / queen , I would...

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