Who Should Direct The Movie of Your Life?

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The best directors have signature styles and themes that appear time and again in their work. Which one of Hollywood's most famed directors should take on the project of creating a movie about your life? Play on to find out!

Which genre do you think your life's film would fall under?

Most of the movies you watch are from what time period?

What do you think a movie about your life would be rated?

Which director's films do you like the most?

Who would you want to play your character in the movie?

Do you have any odd obsessions?

How would you describe your childhood and teenage years?

What sort of themes would appear in a movie about your life?

What do you envision for the tone of the movie?

How would you describe your overall life experience thus far?

What is something that you must have in your life's movie?

Are both your parents in the picture?

How would you describe yourself?

What about your life would make it into the relatively short time frame of a movie?

How old are you?

How would you want the audience to feel after watching your movie?

What is the most important thing you're looking for a director?

Would a movie of your life include any romantic relationships?

Which of these television shows or movies do you like the most?

Who would be the intended audience of your movie?

What is the biggest motivation in your life?

Would you want the film to include a narrator?

How many main characters would there be?

In the movie of your life, what would be the most important thing to you?

Would it be possible to incorporate science fiction themes into a movie about your life?

Would your school life make it into the film?

Do you have any interpersonal relationship conflicts?

Can you laugh at yourself?

Do you take yourself seriously?

Would a movie about your life require any special effects editing?

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