Who Should be on Your Superhero Team?

By: Amanda M.
Image: Test Hero Credit

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Every toolbox holds tools used in construction. Just like that toolbox, every universe has a superhero designed to do whatever job is needed. We’ve rounded up four teams of superheroes with various talents, requiring a captain. Who should be on your superhero team?

What is one of the first things you do when you wake up?

As a superhero, you need to start the day out right. What do you decide is the best breakfast?

A lot of superheroes appear on cereal boxes. On which cereal box could you see your team appearing?

Speaking of merchandise, what product or company would be perfect for your team to represent?

Speaking of merchandise, what item would your team regret representing?

Another type of merchandising is toys. What type of toy (aside from action figures) would you like to see your team's images on?

Now on to the action figures. What feature would your team's action figures have?

Sometimes there is an extra treat in an action figure's box. What would you like your team's item to be?

A comic book company wants to put your team's adventures in print. Which publisher would you want it to be?

On the way to their day jobs, your team members encounter a huge traffic jam. What do you think they'd do?

What kind of transportation would your team use to get from point A to point B?

What would their day jobs be?

Sometime during their day, your team needs to hit the gym. Which class would they be in charge of teaching?

Every superhero has a pet charity. What charity would your team donate some time to?

Many superheroes have disguises to hide their identities. What kind of disguise would you wear?

What is something that almost every member of your team is going to be wearing as part of their costumes?

Every team has a logo. What do you want your team's logo to be?

Every superhero deserves a break once in a while. Where would your team take a vacation?

Let's talk about your headquarters. What design feature would be essential?

Where would your headquarters be located?

Every now and then, teams fight. What group activity would you force the members of your group to do, to reconnect?

Let's move on to villains. Which current comic book villain would you like to see your team fight?

What weapon would your villain be able to use against you effectively?

Sometimes, in order to get a superhero's attention, a villain will kidnap someone close to them. Who would your villain need to kidnap in order to get your team riled up?

What would your archvillain's headquarters look like?

If there were a superhero convention, what speaker would your team be the most interested in seeing?

If your team was invited to speak at that convention, which topic would they cover?

While at the conference, an aspiring hero comes up to your team and asks for advice. What would your team tell them?

While at the convention, your team is bound to run into other teams. Which team would your team LIKE to see?

While at the convention, your team is bound to run into other teams. Which team would your team DISLIKE seeing?

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