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Scott Pilgrim, a slacker musician, must battle his girlfriend Ramona's seven evil exes. This story, from a graphic novel series, has some of the best quotes ever - giving this movie a high score.

Who said this? “Not so long ago … In the mysterious land … of Toronto, Canada …Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler.”

It’s the opening line in the movie that is said by the narrator. It introduces the disapproval of his friends that he is dating Knives Chau, a high school student. And how quickly word travels among his friends. The announcer for the video game says the closing line of the movie.​


Who said this? “She geeks, she geeks. She has the capacity to geek.”

Scott Pilgrim says this to assure the Sex Bob-omb members that his girlfriend, Knives Chau, will be cool as she listens to them rehearse. She geeks out completely to the satisfaction of the band.


Who said this? “It has been over a year since you’ve been dumped by she-who-will-not-be-named. “

Scott is on the phone with his sister, Stacey, when she brings up the fact that he dated Natalie "Envy" Adams, or she-who-shall-not-be-named, more than a year ago. Past the point of a grieving period.


Who answers Scott? Wallace: [to Scott] “Hey! What's up with his outfit?” Guy: [dismissive] “Yeah, is he a pirate?” Scott: “ARE you a pirate?” “Pirates are IN this year.”

Matthew Pattel, is the first boyfriend of Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes. Matthew Pattel is an ex from the 7th grade. He challenges Scott while his band is playing the TTIBB, (The Toronto International Battle of the Bands.) He wears eyeliner and a pirate’s scarf around his head.


Who says this? “You know what really sucks though? Wallace: “What?” Everything?”

Wallace is listening to Scott and his tales of woe. Scott spells out "sux" with refrigerator magnets. And then he rotates a magnet numeral 8 on its side, the mathematical symbol for infinity.


Who answers Wallace? Wallace: “If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game. Break out the L-word.” “Lesbian?” Wallace: “The other L-word." “...Lesbians?"

Scott guesses at the “L” word, and corrects himself when he thinks it should be a plural. Wallace is telling him what he has to do to win Ramona over.


Who is Scott talking to? “What’s her name?” Scott: “I’m not telling you that. Ramona.”

Scott can’t deny his ex-girlfriend, Natalie "Envy" Adams, anything. Even ​when he doesn’t want to tell her his new girlfriend’s name. Envy has invited his band to front for her band at Lee’s Palace in order to see Scott again.


"You punched me in my boob, man? Prepare to die…obviously."

Roxanne “Roxy” Richter utters that hilarious line. When Scott doesn’t think he can hit a girl, because “they’re soft” Ramona uses him as a puppet to punch Roxy. However, it won’t work unless Scott defeats her on his own accord. Luckily, he does by prodding the spot behind her knee, which Ramona tells him is her weak point.


Who says this? “Double negative, it’s tricky.”

In bed with Wallace, “Young” Neil, and Jimmy, Scott recounts his date. And how he didn’t “bang” Ramona because he kept thinking about Natalie. Wallace notes that just because Natalie is in town, doesn’t mean it’s over (with Ramona). That’s when Scott realizes Wallace just said a double negative.


Who says this? “He punched the highlights out of her hair!“

When Knives sees that Scott is in love with Ramona, Knives colors her hair with blue highlights to look like Ramona in the hopes that Scott will notice her. Then she tells “Young” Neil that he is hot to make Neil her new boyfriend, and Scott jealous. While backstage with Envy and Todd, Knives says to Envy,” I've kissed lips that kissed you!” Envy looks at Todd and nods, Todd stands up and punches Knives in the face, knocking the blue dye out of her hair and sending her reeling to the floor.


Who is Scott saying this to? “If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?”

After being beaten​ up several times by Todd Ingram, bassist for the Clash at Demonhead, Scott falls back to solid ground after hitting a light fixture. Ramona runs over to him and that’s when Scott asks Ramona that question. Todd was able to beat up Scott because his veganism gives him telekinetic powers.


Who says this, “Wanna go. Well I kinda, totally almost died back there.”

Scott’s understated response to his death-defying day is hilarious. This is said when the band members and Ramona are deciding whether to go to the after party after the Bass Battle almost killed Scott and definitely killed Todd.


Who says this? “Kick her in the balls.”

Wallace is watching Ramona and Roxy fight. It’s his way of acknowledging that two women are fighting like men - which he thinks is great. Roxy was Ramona’s girlfriend during Ramona’s “experimental” phase.


Who says this, “I want you to know that I don't care about any of that stuff. Because I'm in lesbians with you.”

Scott, ready to tell Ramona how he feels, gets his words confused and says “Lesbians”, instead of “Love”. After getting beat up one more time he realizes what he actually said to Ramona and is mortified.


Who is asking for a Password in this conversation? “Password?” Scott: “Whatever. “Second Password” Scott shrugs shoulders” “ah”

The Chaos Theater bouncers nailed it on how all of us feel about passwords. They accept the “whatever”, and shoulder shrug so Scott can get in again to fight Gideon Gordon Graves, record executive and mastermind behind the League of Evil Exes.


Who says this to Scott, “NO, he literally has a way of getting into my head.” Scott: “That is Eeeeeevil.”

Ramona explains her dilemma with Gideon, showing Scott the insert in her brain. Scott eventually defeats Gideon, and the inserts disappears when he does.


Who says this? “You made me swallow my gum, it will be in my digestive track for seven years!”

Gideon ​is very upset that Scott made him swallow his gum. Surely you were warned, most likely by your mother: You shouldn't swallow gum because it stays in your digestive system for seven years. Although that urban legend is false, it still provides Gideon and an extra reason to kill Scott. This happens during his first bout with Gideon where he gets the power of love.


Who says this? “Do you know how long it took for me to get contact information for all of Ramona's exes? Two hours!”

Gideon who realizes if he dies, his legacy of creating the League of Evil Ex’s dies with him, feels this fight is a huge waste, as it took him a long time to get all the contact information. Regardless, Scott prevails and kills Gideon using his power of self-respect​.


“When I'm around you, I kind of feel like I'm on drugs. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs, in which case I do them all the time. All of them.”

Since in Scott’s mind, Ramona is the perfect girl, he will do anything to win her over. He will even say that he does drugs, all of them, all the time.


Who is saying this to Scott? “I've never even kissed a guy before.” Scott Pilgrim: “Hey... me neither.”

Knives said this because she wanted to be kissed by Scott. But the reason he likes Knives is because dating her is uncomplicated. So he dodges a potential kiss with that answer.


Who says this, “We are Sex Bob-Omb! And we're here to watch Scott Pilgrim kick your teeth in! One-two-three-four!”

Although all of the choices above are women who still “pine” for Scott, Kim says this as she is rooting for Pilgrim to kick Guido’s teeth in. Kim Pines is also the drummer of the band.


Who is talking to Scott? “Scott. Not that I care, but you should go talk to Ramona before she's gone.“ Scott: Thanks.” “And I really don't care.”

Kim Pines says this. It shows she is starting to get over the hurt of Scott dumping her, and caring for him as a friend who needs to talk to the woman he is in love with before she bails. Ramona keeps disappearing after the battles, but this time,​ he catches up with her and they talk.


Who is Stephen talking to? Stephen: [as a 1UP appears] "What are you doing? “Getting a life.“ [grabs 1UP]

Since the Bob-Omb wins the battle against the Twins, Scott earns a 1UP. He ends up using the life when he fails in battle against Gideon the first time.


Who says this? “We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!”

The Twins literally blow the roof off with their music. Scott gets angry when he sees that G-man is with Ramona and wants to show the G-man that they are better than the Twins (and their smoke dragons). Scott and the band prove it with their smoke gorilla. To get himself and the band focused before they fight, Scott grabs the microphone and yells these words.


Who says this? [barely audible with subtitles] How are we supposed to follow this? We're not going to win. We're not going to sign with G-Man. We'll never play opening night at the Chaos Theatre. GODDAMN IT, SCOTT! WILL YOU PLEASE STOP JUST STANDING THERE?! YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!

Stephen is known for freaking out before being on stage. Stephen even notes that they were just onstage and the sound guy hates them. He says this as the band, Crash, is introduced. Scott gets them to play when he sees Knives talking to Ramona, and needs to stop their conversation immediately.


Who responds to Ramona’s comment? “Well... It was nice meeting you. Tell your gay friends I said bye. [Gets up and walks away] "Gay friends"? [Turns to see Wallace kissing Jimmy] WALLACE! AGAIN?!

Stacey brought her date, Jimmy, to see Scott’s first battle of the band. However, Wallace only has eyes for Jimmy. And unfortunately for Stacey, Jimmy only has eyes for Wallace. As the two guys make out, a woman yells, “Get a room, guys”.


Who says this? “OH, MY GOD! He's dating a fatass hipster chick! I hate her stupid guts! He only likes her because she's old! She's probably, like, 25! Oh, she's just some fatass white girl, you know?!”

Knives is talking to her best friend, Tamara Chen, about how horrible Ramona is, because she stole Scott from her. She tells Tamara all about it as she highlights her hair blue so she looks like Ramona.


Who answers Stephen? Stephen: “Hey, man, question. I always wondered, how does not eating dairy products give you psychic powers?” “Okay, you know how you only use 10% of your brain? That's because the other 90% is filled with curds and whey.

While Todd beats up Scott, there is time for Stephen to ask him a question. Todd’s answer shows he is not the sharpest crayon in the box. Which is why Scott can trick him into drinking a Fairtrade​ blend with half and half which enables the Vegan police to take away his powers.


Who answers Todd’s question? Todd: “Gelato isn't vegan?” “It's milk and eggs, bitch.”

Vegan Police Officer #1 and #2 crash through the walls to take Todd’s Vegan powers away. Todd thinks he should get three strikes before they do this. The officers then list the three previous occasions where he was not living a vegan lifestyle.


Who says this? “All right, this next song goes out to the guy who keeps yelling from the balcony. [Wallace points at himself, mock questioningly] It's called "We Hate You, Please Die."

The Band, Crash, is the first band to play in the Battle of the Bands. First they play the song “I Am So Sad, I am So Very, Very Sad”. Which Wallace mocks because the title took longer to say than the song itself. Then they create this song just for Wallace.


Who answers Scott? Scott: “But are you a pretty good skater” “I'm more than pretty good, Esé. [pulls his shirt collar down to reveal a double-L tattoo on his chest] I have my own skate company.” Scott: “But can you do a thingy...on that rail?” [indicates railing on a set of steps] “It's called a grind, bro.” Scott: So, can you do a grindy thingy now?”

Ramona’s ex’s are not the smartest, including Lucas, the film star who made his fame as a skateboarder. By goading Lucas, Scott convinces him to do a trick that would end up destroying him: grinding on 200 steps with bad rails. Lucas reaches the bottom of the steps at 309 kilometers an hour and explodes into coins.


Who is whispering to Scott? “Scott Pilgrim. [chuckles] You can defeat me, Scott. But can you defeat yourself? [evil version of Scott Pilgrim appears]

Although Gideon has been destroyed by the game, his disembodied voice alerts Scott to his next challenge. He has to face himself in battle since he and Ramona broke up -- so now he is one of her exes.


Who is Scott talking to? Scott: “Amazon.Ca, what's the website for that?” [nonchalantly] "Amazon.Ca".

Wallace wakes up hungover, and is still wearing his clothes from the previous night. Yet he still can figure out the answer to this question. Scott knows that Ramona is a delivery girl from Amazon.Ca, and wants to meet her. He devises to do so by ordering a package.


Who says this? “Attack hug!!”

Knives throws herself into Scott’s arm and shouts this as Scott opens the door for Knives. Knives reminds him that he was supposed to meet her at the bus a half hour ago. He laughs and asks, “How could I possibly forget?” Although he obviously did.


Who says the final words of the movie? “Continue? 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

The Video Game Announcer says this as Scott takes Ramona's hand and they walk through a door with a star on it. Those words end the movie.


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