Who is your '80s movie boyfriend?

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Was your '80s boyfriend a bad boy or a true romantic?  Movies from the 1980s were filled with hunk-a-licious dudes that every teenage girl dreamed of dating. From the rebellious drop-outs to the mama's boys, '80s movies had every type of boyfriend covered. Best of all, they ranged in looks from hot to hotter, so you'd never have to sacrifice good looks for personality! Want to find out which one would have been your boo?

Your preferences in both movies and men are very personal! We promise we won't tell anyone (not even your best friend) how you respond to our questions, but we will get a fabulous sense of who you are and what  kind of man you'd match with. We'll examine what you find essential in a relationship and what sort of behaviors you find acceptable. From there, we'll be able to scan our databases like a time-traveling dating app and pair you with the perfect 80s boyfriend! You might think you have a good idea which one would be your soulmate; but careful analysis is warranted when it comes to matters of your heart! 

Step inside our 80s matchmaking machine, and, like totally channel your inner valley girl for this quiz! Your 80s boyfriend might be waiting with a boombox at the end. You'll be tickled pretty in pink when you find out! 

What 80s style do you like best?

Which singer do you like the most?

Would you cheat on your boyfriend?

Have you ever been arrested?

What is your hairstyle?

What's your favorite movie?

What do you think about guys that cry?

Why do guys like you?

Do you smoke marijuana?

How seriously do you take school?

Is it important for a guy to make money?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

What's your favorite pizza?

Do you want your parents to like your boyfriend?

Do you think your boyfriend would ever cheat on you?

What is your preferred beverage?

When do you see yourself getting married?

How many kids will you have?

How long do you think you will live?

Do you like to defy authority?

Do you want a committed boyfriend right now?

Describe your best friend:

How do you get around?

If a guy starts messing with you, what should your boyfriend do?

Which shoes are coolest?

How much hair product should a guy use?

Do you want a guy that is experienced in the bedroom?

What was your clique in high school?

Who is your favorite "Buffy" character?

Who is your favorite rap artist?

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