Who Did You Date In a Past Life?

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Reincarnation is an idea shared by many ancient religions as well as several new age movements. It's an intriguing idea. The human race has been around for an eye blink in terms of geologic time, far less time than certain insects and fish, but unlike most other races, humans have multiplied our population many times over in just the last few decades. The world's population has grown by 4,736,752,237 people since 1959. That's just 60 years. It has grown by 7,214,576,923 since the year 1600 when the world population was only about 500,000,000. 

This means that the likelihood of being reincarnated from before the industrial revolution are pretty slim, but still possible. Of course, there is the possibility that reincarnation's rules aren't what we imagined, and that the human population going up is commensurate with the animal population going down and that many of us used to be insects or squids, or, more intriguingly, that human souls split apart and become reincarnated as multiple people as the population goes up.

Either way, this could make even more awkward the possibility of running into an ex, since theoretically, one would not only need to worry about exes from this lifetime but all of one's exes from every lifetime one ever lived. Bear in mind that gender roles have changed a lot over the centuries, and depending on who you were and who you were dating, the relationship could have been fraught with the cultural mores of the age, or doomed because of religious prohibitions. Are you ready to find out who you dated in a past life? Take this quiz and find out!

How many people did you date in the last year?

How often do your romantic exploits align with your horoscope?

How long was your longest romantic relationship?

What percentage of your dates do you meet online?

How often are you the one to end flings?

How often do you prefer to initiate the first move?

How many serious relationships have you had in your lifetime?

How long do you feel a relationship has to be in order to be called serious?

What percentage of your relationships are flings?

How many one night stands have you had in your lifetime?

What percentage of your first dates are arranged before ever meeting the date in person?

How much of the time do you tend to be the one asking out someone else?

What's the maximum length of a fling?

How often are you the one to end serious relationships?

Which do you prefer: long term relationships, flings, friends with benefits, or one night stands?

What setting would you like best for a first date?

How many dates do you need to go on before knowing if you want to get more serious?

How long do you typically need to date someone before you know you want to call it quits?

How easily do you get along with the families of the people you date?

What percentage of your dates do you meet through friends?

What is the most embarrassing thing you've done in front of a date?

How long has your longest first date lasted?

How diverse is the population of people you date?

How easily do you feel threatened by a date's reputed past?

Typically, how pleased has your family been with the sort of dates you bring home to meet them?

How long do you go between relationships?

What percentage of the people you date come from another country, and do not share your mother tongue?

What do you consult to see if you and a date are compatible?

Are you generally optimistic about your dating life, or pessimistic?

Are you currently in a good relationship?

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