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The world is a huge place with 195 countries within it. Many countries sport a unique language, and every country has a unique culture. How well traveled are you? Can you tell a Canadian accent from an American one? Can you tell an Irish accent from a Northern Irish accent? Some nations were once empires, dominating other cultures around the globe and leaving their indelible imprint on the cultures and languages of their colonies.

Religion has also played a role in the development of nations. Of course, some empires imposed religion on their colonies, and that did stick much of the time. Other times, as with Charlemagne, religion was responsible for the legitimization of nations.

War too has played a role in the landscape of the world. Wars have led to the division and re-division of nations' borders, have caused the movement or disappearances of peoples, and permanently affected the wealth of nations. Wars have been fought over water, defensive positions, and most famously, natural resources. In the last century, oil and water have motivated wars nearly as much as political systems or religions.

Do you think you could identify a country with only a few hints? Are you worldly enough to triangulate culture, religion and natural resources? Think you're a world champion? Take this quiz to find out.

I was founded in 1776, have had wars with my two adjacent neighbors, and I am known the world over. Who am I?

The United States was founded in its earliest form with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The U.S. was at war with both Canada and Mexico early in its history.


I have three indigenous languages, actors from my country are prized all over the world, and my people enjoy tea. Who am I?

The U.K. is home to many world famous actors, the English, Welsh, and Celtic languages, and a bevy of tea lovers who are gradually becoming more accepting of coffee.


My revolution followed closely on the American one. I used to have topless women on my currency. I was once a mighty empire. Who am I?

France was part of the age of empires, and has experienced tumult on a scale that's rare anywhere in the world. When France had its own currency, the image of the figure of Liberty on the country's money was based on the great French beauty of the day.


I am a young nation, founded in my current form in 1989. I have a strong economy. Some of the greatest composers of all time3 are my native sons. Who am I?

Mozart and Bach both called what we now call Germany home. Germany has one of the best economies in the EU. Germany as we now know it was formed only after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


I was a Spanish colony with territory in what is now California. I am often blamed for economic problems in the U.​S. I am a frequent vacation destination. Who am I?

Mexico once included parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and yes, California. As with many nations, Mexico is occasionally blamed for the economic problems of its neighbors (the same could be said of Poland and many of its EU neighbors). Many parts of Mexico, Cancun in particular, are favorites of the holiday set.


I am the home of many of the great Renaissance masters, the seat of what was once an ancient empire, and the center of Catholicism. Who am I?

Italy was once just another part of the Roman Empire, then it was a collection of neighboring city states. Today it is a single nation, sporting a proud history of art, architecture, and, of course, pizza.


My currency is the ruble, I was once ruled by Tsars, and I exist in both Europe and Asia.

Russia is an absolutely massive country, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific. Russian Tzars once rules the empire, warring with Germany, Japan, and, of course, Russia itself.


I was invaded by Russia, I have the same name as a U.S. state, and my people call me Sakartvelo. Who am I?

Georgia, or as its people call it, "Sakartvelo," is an eastern European nation on the fringe of Asia. In August of 2008, Russia invaded Georgia, undermining its central government and attempting its overthrow.


I was once home to the samurai, and I am currently home to Sony. I am the birthplace of drift racing. Who am I?

Before the Meiji Restoration, Japan was a feudal society, with classes including the samurai, daimyo, and the Shogun. Today, Japan is a very modern country, with some of the top technology companies, car companies, and fashion designers. It is also the birthplace of drift racing, an increasingly popular style of motorsport.


I contain the holiest site in Islam. My ruler goes by the initials MBS. I am mostly desert. Who am I?

Saudi Arabia includes Mecca, the holiest site in Islam and destination of Muslim pilgrims from all over the world. Its ruler, Mohammad Bin Salman, is a major reformer who changed the law so that women are allowed to drive. Most of Saudi Arabia is desert, but massive oil reservoirs lie beneath all that sand!​


I am the home of Guinness, Jameson's, and for a time, Apple. Who am I?

Ireland exports a lot of alcohol. Jameson's Irish Whiskey isn't even a very popular brand in Ireland, as most of it goes onto the export market. For a while, Apple held a lot of its money-making patents in a shell company in Ireland so as to avoid taxes. It has since moved that shell to Jersey, a crown dependency of the U.K and popular tax haven.


I am the birthplace of comedian Mike Myers, comic book artist Todd McFarlane and actor William Shatner. Who am I?

Being much like America, Canada has produced many famous athletes and entertainers. The nation north of the U.S. also has vast expanses of wild land, and more guns per household than the U.S.


I am the birthplace of Bassem Youssef, home of the Sphinx, and once the land of the pharaohs. Who am I?

Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. From the first pharaohs to today's elected government, it has played a major role in numerous historical events, and produced towering figures, including hysterical satirist Bassem Youssef, actor Omar Sharif and opera singer Yasmin Ali.


I am the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism. My people invented chutney, and I have a massive movie industry. Who am I?

India's movie business is one of the biggest and most profitable. India is also the birthplace of two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. While most modern incarnations of chutney are western innovations, it goes back to a time in India when fire ant roe was harvested as a seasoning.


I have a world famous canal, both John McCain and Mariano Rivera are my native sons. Who am I?

The nation of Panama was once a remote region of Colombia until U.S. intervention persuaded the Panamanians to separate. The Panama Canal is an important shortcut for trade between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. John McCain was born on a military base there, and New York Yankees great Mariano Rivera was born in a Panamanian fishing village.


I famously produce some of the best soccer players in the world. My government's corruption is infamous. My festivals are legendary. Who am I?

Brazil, one of the larger of the South American countries, has produced some of the finest soccer players the world has ever seen, and soccer is like a religion there. It is also the birthplace of racing legend Ayerton Senna, the home of a fabulously corrupt government, and Rio de Janeiro's Carnival, a celebration known the world over.


My people are all American citizens. My government has debts it cannot pay back. My landscape includes rainforests, beaches, and mountains. Who am I?

Puerto Rico was slammed by its own debt before it was hit by hurricanes in 2017. This large island encompasses nearly every kind of landscape imaginable, including vast rainforests, huge mountains, and gorgeous beaches.


I am not just a country, but an entire continent. My people speak English with an accent that confuses foreigners. My people love cricket and rugby. Who am I?

Australia is a sparsely populated continent and nation in the southern hemisphere, just south of Asia. It was once a British prison colony, and its accent is an inheritance of that era.


I am known for vintage cars, fabulous baseball players, and a communist regime. Who am I?

Cuba is an island nation sitting just a few miles south of Florida. It once allied itself with the USSR, who stationed nuclear weapons there, prompting the Cuban Missile crisis. Many baseball greats come from Cuba, including Yasiel Puig, Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Cespedes.


I have the lowest population density in Central America. Eighty-six of the 88 constellations can be seen from me. Vincente Padilla is a native son. Who am I?

If Mexico is considered part of North America, then Nicaragua is the largest and least densely populated of all Central American countries. With its latitude, it can see most of the sky's constellations at one time of the year or another. Vincente Padilla of the Boston Red Sox was born there.


I used to be called British Honduras. I have the only Jaguar reserve in the world. I do not observe daylight saving time. Who am I?

Home of the black howler monkey, Belize is a small, Central American country that was once a British colony. Indeed, Belize does not bother with daylight saving time.


Half of "The New World" once belonged to me. My language is the official language of nine countries. The oldest bookstore in the world is in my capital. Who am I?

Portugal was once a premier world power, with huge colonies all over the world and much of the Americas. Bertrand Bookstore, located in Lisbon, is the oldest bookstore in the world. Nine countries speak Portuguese.


I am the largest country in West Africa. I am landlocked and am also the 24th largest country in the world. Who am I?

Mali is a huge country in West Africa, encompassing swathes of uninhabited terrain. It was once the seat of the Ghana empire, but today its borders are smaller, leaving the country without a single port.


I am a federation of seven noblemen. I am a small but economically powerful country. I have recently experienced a building boom. Who am I?

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates that sits on the Persian Gulf, on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is fabulously wealthy, thanks mostly to its oil wells, and has been building out ambitiously, reaching for the skies with massive towers.


In my confines, drugs are tolerated, ships are built, and bicycles are popular. Who am I?

Holland hasn't legalized drug use, but it tolerates it within very specific confines. Being a very flat country, the Dutch like to ride bicycles rather than clog their streets with too many cars. The Dutch have been world travelers and ship builders since the nation's early days.


Despite being a Muslim country, my U.S. ambassador is a Jewish woman. My name means "two seas." Who am I?

Bahrain, which sits in a location proposed as the garden of Eden, sits on the Persian Gulf, near Qatar and the UAE. It is a Muslim nation, but it sent a Jewish woman to the U.S. as its ambassador. In Arabic, its name means "two seas."


I was founded in 1948, and was immediately invaded by all of my neighbors. I produce more patents per capita than any nation in the world. Who am I?

Founded in 1948, Israel was immediately invaded by all of the neighboring countries, forcing the tiny nation to fight back. It has repeatedly been invaded over the years, and thus all young people are drafted into the Israeli military for a couple of years. Israel sports dozens of technology companies and files more patents per capita than any country in the world.


Alexander The Great changed my topography forever. I am known for my cedar trees. My politicians are constantly trying to shake off the influence of Iran. Who am I?

When Alexander The Great invaded the Lebanese city of Tyre, the city was on an island off the coast and was impossible to approach by ship without being destroyed by its defenses. Alexander ordered the creation of a causeway and built a land road to the island that his army marched across to fight. That causeway is still there today. The nation is known for its cedar trees, one of which appears on its flag. One of Lebanon's problems is the constant influence of Iranian hardliners, who try to get the Lebanese government to work for them as a proxy.


My hills are alive with the sound of music. Sigmund Freud lived with me. I was once part of a great empire. Who am I?

Playing the setting for the film, "The Sound of Music," Austria was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it was the home of the founder of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud.


The Taliban liked to hide in my northern regions. I produce a lot of opium. The U.S.'s longest war took place in me. Who am I?

Afghanistan used to have some of the oldest sculptures of the Buddha in the world, until the Taliban blew them up in 2001, shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Afghanistan's government is a U.S. ally, but the U.S. is still fighting the Taliban there, and has since 2001.


My people's ancestors used to extort money from the British. We are known for our huge dogs. Few can locate us on a map. Who am I?

Denmark was the home of many of the vikings of old, many of whom extorted money from the British in exchange for the promise they not invade. Great Danes are a breed of dog from Denmark, and due in part to the shape of the country, few Americans could point to it on a map.


I was the location used to film "The Fellowship Of The Ring." The comedy duo, "Flight of The Concords," is from my land. We have a rivalry with Australia. Who am I?

New Zealand was the location where the Lord of the Rings films were shot. Being an English-speaking former British colony, it has a rivalry with Australia as the two share many cultural details. The guys from the HBO show, "Flight of The Concords," are from New Zealand.


I am known for build-it-yourself furniture, cold weather, and am a constitutional monarchy. Who am I?

Sweden is a large country in northern Europe. It is a kingdom. Ikea was founded by a Swede, and Sweden is responsible for many inventions, including the zipper, the computer mouse, marine propeller and the refrigerator.


My people have an expression for nerve that came about because of a war with Russia. My people dominate auto racing, massively over-representing us. Three quarters of my land is forest. Who am I?

Finland has produced some of the finest automobile racers in history, as its roads are awful and its driving test is grueling. Inventors of The Scandinavian Flick, the Fins have warred with their Russian neighbors in the past, coining the term "sisu," meaning stoicism, bravery, nerve ​and determination all at once.


My government's policies were protested in the 1980s. My sharks jump right out of the water! I sit at the very tip of a massive continent. Who am I?

South Africa was once picketed because of its apartheid policies, but now most people may know it for the amazing footage of Great White sharks jumping out of the water as they catch their prey.


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