Which Zodiac Sign Shouldn't You Date?

By: Kennita L.
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There are specific astrological signs that we just don't get along with, nor should we date. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell if we're blinded by how hot they are. Thankfully, we can tell you which sign you should stay away from if you want to avoid heartbreak.

Which of the following groups is your sign in?

Which element is your favorite?

Are you more attracted to one particular sign?

What's the one quality that you want your partner to have?

What would annoy you the most about a partner?

How important is loyalty to you?

Is order and organization a priority in your life?

Are you very patient?

How much attention do you need in a relationship?

What's the first thing you notice about someone?

Which season is the best to fall in love?

What's the best first date that you could go on?

And which of these would be an absolute disaster?

Would you ever get physical on the first date?

When you're comfortable in a relationship, what does the activity on a date look like?

What kind of dessert gets you every time?

Ideally, you want a relationship that is filled with ....

Which romantic emoji is your favorite?

What city would you want to go for your anniversary?

What kind of profession would you want your significant other to have?

Your significant other is getting on your nerves, which comfort food do you eat?

Did you fight with your exes often?

How long can you hold a grudge?

How do you usually make up after a fight?

Which of the following is the biggest turnoff to you?

You would never date someone who has ...

What's the worst way for someone to break up with you?

Which male celebrity is the biggest dirtbag?

Which of these female celebrities would you want to date?

What do you want out of your next or current relationship?

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