Which Zodiac Sign Gets You All Hot and Bothered?

Ashley Palkovics

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About This Quiz

Societies have been trying to read the stars for answers as far back as the times of Babylon. Western astrology, in fact, has been a direct product of Greco-Roman culture and gained traction in 2nd Century BC. In short, we've been looking at the stars for a very long time. Who can blame us? If you've ever found yourself in a rural area with a wide sky in the dead of night, you'd understand the fascination. 

As horoscopes have developed, scholars of the subject have figured out the repetitive sexual traits of each zodiac sign. Ever noticed a pattern in the people you date and their birthday? You might have a type that's written in the stars! We've developed an extensive questionnaire to determine who gets your libido going, and who is the most likely to satisfy you in the bedroom. Perhaps the explicitly sexual and daring Aries tends to creep into your heart (and your pants) most often? Maybe you're a certified "giver" and you love the desire of an Aquarius? 

You're going to have to be prepared for a little dirty talk in this quiz. Don't fret though! Our ancestors have been obsessed with what the stars have to say about our sex lives for thousands of years, and you ended up here didn't you?

What quality are you MOST attracted to in a person?

You MOST OFTEN are the one who ...

Who do you typically find yourself attracted to?

What kind of lover do you prefer?

What role do you prefer your partner to take?

What role do YOU take as a partner?

If you could have your way, how often would you like to be physical with a partner?

How important is physical intimacy in a relationship for you?

Your biggest turn off is ...

What's your top love language?

How do you feel about committed relationships?

Which of these sounds the most like you?

How would you prefer to be asked out?

How long did it take your last significant other to open up?

Why would you MOST LIKELY call it quits with someone?

Which of the following scenarios do you like more?

Which of these romantic foods/drinks do you like most?

What time of day do you enjoy being with people the most?

What kind of people do you surround yourself with?

Which of these qualities do you absolutely loathe?

Which of these Avengers do you objectively think is the most attractive?

You prefer a partner who ...

What position would you rather have while in a bed going to sleep?

How do you feel about sharing a bedroom with a s/o?

When would you like to get married?

In your last relationship, who was the most invested?

Which fantasy do you enjoy the most?

Your partners tend to be a bit too ...

What was your friends' opinion on your ex?

What kind of compliment makes you swoon?

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