Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: The Movie DB

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Yugi, his Millennium Puzzle and his adventurous group of friends had kids all over the world running home after school, just to watch them on TV. Are you him, the Pharaoh, or one of his friends? Could you even be an enemy?

Which Duel Monsters card is the best?

Why would you duel?

And what kind of monster cards would make up most of your deck?

What type of card is the best?

Which Legendary Dragon card is the best?

Who on the show would be your best friend?

Which Yu-gi-oh series was your favorite?

Which millennium item would you want?

Which Egyptian God Card would you want to have?

Which bad guy was the most formidable?

Which character do you like the best?

Which other duelist, apart from Yugi and his friends do you have the most respect for?

How good would you say you are at Duel Monsters?

Which word best describes you?

How would your friends describe you?

What’s the most important thing in your life?

What’s your sense of humor like?

On the weekend, which of these are you doing?

Which board game is your favorite?

Which of these topics can you not stop talking about?

Which of these do you despise the most?

What would you major in at school?

What’s your dream job?

Which social media platform is the best?

What’s the one thing you need in a partner?

Which of these outfits/items of clothing would you wear?

Which animated TV show would you binge watch?

Who has the best hair?

Which female character is the most attractive?

Out of these female Duel Monsters cards, which would you want in your deck?

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