Which X-Games Event Are You?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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The X-Games, founded by ESPN, is an extreme sports event that is held every year. Some of the greatest athletes from around the world gather to compete in the games in order to win medals and prize money. Sports legends such as Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, and Heath Frisby have all taken part and won big at the competition- something new competitors aspire to do every year. 

Among the events at the X-Games are skateboarding, BMX freestyle, Moto X sports, and flat track sports. They're always exciting to watch on television and even more thrilling in person. But we want to know which sport you'd be. 

Would be you be the precise, fast-paced and incredibly balanced snowboarding? Would you be the down and dirty, take no prisoners BMX dirt racing? Would you be the dangerous and deadly street luge? Or would you be the insanely cool, adventurous and jaw-dropping Gymkhana GRid? These extreme sports are among the most watched at the X-Games because of how thrilling they are to watch. 

So if you're down with extreme sports and you really want to know which sports you'd be, take our quiz! Just don't rush off to try it without your protective gear!

Do you mind breaking a bone?

Are you from the streets?

What brand would sponsor you?

What name would your typical male fan have?

What weather do you like?

Do you like to be flashy?

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?

Are you a showoff?

Do you like a clear winner, or can you handle a judge deciding?

Are you mindlessly reckless?

Do you like a big TV audience?

What piece of safety kit can't you live without?

What piece of safety kit is for wusses?

Are you good with heights?

Are you okay with confrontation?

How hardcore are you?

What sort of life expectancy is acceptable to you?

What about career expectancy?

Do you have any bones you could probably live without?

Do you have a spouse to worry about you?

Do you mind getting dirty?

Do you mind getting wet?

Do you mind crashing into a literal garbage heap?

How hard do you want to practice?

What sort of shape are you in?

How's your flexibility?

Are you a good driver?

How's your balance?

Are you a natural performer?

What would you do with your prize money?

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