Which WWE championship belt would you win?

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If there's one thing the WWE isn't short of, it's championships. When Smackdown and Raw were split into two shows, suddenly there were double the belts. What we're talking about here are the traditional kind of championship belts: The World Heavyweight Champion, The Intercontinental Champion, The Tag Teams Champions and the Women's Champion. The IC belt goes back to the early '70s while the others can be traced to the '40s and '50s. Think you have what it takes to be championship material? Coming down the aisle...

Which wrestler had the most charisma?

Who is your favorite member of "The Four Horsewoman"?

What do you say when someone tells you wrestling is fake?

What wrestler do you miss the most who passed away?

Who do you consider the greatest champion before 1990?

Who do you consider the greatest champion after 1990?

Who was your favorite diva?

What do you miss most about The Attitude Era?

If you were a wrestler, what kind of wrestling gear would you wear?

Who was the best commentator?

Which McMahon would you want to take a road trip with?

Have you ever been to a live wrestling show?

Who should beat Undertaker in his retirement match?

Who is the greatest NXT women's champion up to this point?

What is the best kind of specialty match?

Who are you most tired of seeing in WWE?

Whose retirement hurt WWE the most?

Which wrestler do you hate that most people like?

What element should be brought back to wrestling?

Who is your favorite member of the Wyatt Family?

Who did you not realize has left WWE?

What age range where you when you started watching wrestling?

Which NXT wrestler was used most poorly in WWE?

Which wrestler is most overrated?

Which wrestler was the best mainstream actor?

Who was the best character on the microphone?

Which young WWE superstar will the guy talked about generations from now?

What would you be willing to pay for front row tickets to Wrestlemania?

On pay-per-view weeks, how much WWE wrestling do you watch Sunday through Tuesday?

Who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame next?

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