Which Witch Are You?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

Over the years, television writers and movie producers have introduced us to many great witches. Some are mean, and some are beautiful, but they're all very powerful. Which one do you think you would be?

What's in your cauldron?

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Would people know that you're a witch?

What would you cast spells with?

You get to choose one magical ability. What do you want?

Every witch has a pet assistant. What's yours?

What's in your witchy wardrobe?

What do witches eat for breakfast?

Which accessory would you never be spotted without?

If witches wore makeup, what would you wear?

Where would you ride your broomstick to for a vacation?

Where are you likely to go for a witch convention?

Are you working alone or do you have a coven?

Which witchy song would you listen to in your spare time?

Which magical book would you read?

What kind of house would your witch-self live in?

What illuminates your house?

Which magical tree would be planted in your backyard?

And what plant would you burn to ward off evil spirits?

What kind of people are you most likely to cast bad spells on?

What should witches be afraid of?

Do people usually listen to you?

Where would you go to relax?

How did you learn you were a witch?

Who taught you how to use your powers?

If all witches had to go to Hogwarts, what house would you be sorted into?

What kind of student would you have been?

Which element would you be most in touch with?

Witches like holidays right? Which one would be your favorite?

If you weren't a witch, what would you want to be?

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