Which Will & Grace Character are You?

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It would be impossible to get through an episode of "Will & Grace" without laughing. Until 2006, the group of oddball friends kept us laughing like no other show of the time. Which character of "Will & Grace" are you? Take the quiz to find out.

How would you friends describe you?

What occupation is closest to you own?

Which "Will & Grace" character would you like to go shopping with?

What color hair would you character have?

What would you like most about hanging out with Karen?

Which trait do you find most likable in Will?

Which play would you like to go see with Jack?

Other than "Will & Grace," what is your favorite sitcom?

Which Rosario quote do you find the funniest?

Money aside, which "Will & Grace" character do you think is the richest?

What would you wear to a formal event with Will?

What appetizer would you serve at a dinner party at Jack's?

Which "Will & Grace" character do you think is the sassiest?

Which character do you find the most fashion conscious?

What do you think is Karen's favorite drink?

Which "Will & Grace" character do you think you are?

Which kind of party would you like to attend with Karen?

What do you think the biggest message was throughout "Will & Grace?"

If "Will & Grace" makes a comeback, will you watch?

Which series should "Will & Grace" do a special episode with?

Which "Will & Grace" character has the best laugh?

Which "Will & Grace" character falls in love most easily?

What is your favorite thing about Jack?

Which modern actress should appear on a "Will & Grace" episode?

How did you feel about the "Will & Grace" finale?

How did you feel when Jack got married?

Which spa treatment would you get with Karen?

Which "Will & Grace" character would you like to date?

If Karen and Jack had a baby, what should they name it?

Which "Will & Grace" character would you not like to make angry?

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