Which walking dead character are you?

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"The Walking Dead"  was adapted from the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, although it's deviated a LOT from the comic at times. It follows a group of survivors as they try to stay safe in the wake of the zombie apocalypse, exposed to both walking dead and dangerous humans who will do anything to survive. 

Of the survivors, we have Rick Grimes, the former sheriff-turned-leader of his group of survivors. Michonne is a fearless woman who lets nothing, and we mean nothing, stand in her way.  Maggie turns out to be a great leader and someone who knows how to reach out and empathize with others. Former pizza delivery guy Glenn started as a cowardly character, but that quickly disappeared to reveal an admirable and loyal hero. And of course, we have the walkers, whose hunger and determination to get food knows no bounds. The question is, which character are you most like? While you probably know who you WANT to be like, this quiz analyzes facts about you according to how you respond to the following questions to find your best character match. So who are you? Don't be a walker, RUN to find out by taking this quiz! 

The zombie apocalypse hits — what do you search for first?

Who do you search for first?

Weapon of choice?

Describe your group of friends:

What would you do if your friend was bitten by a walker?

What's the one thing you must bring when you run from zombies?

When faced with a tough decision, you:

What are you most scared of?

Once the walkers are finally defeated, you will:

What would you be happiest to see?

You just killed a walker, how do you feel?

A woman tries to join your group but she has a scratch on her hand, what do you do?

When the walkers come what do you do?

What makes you angry?

How do you feel about stealing during the zombie apocalypse?

How would you become a zombie?

What's your favorite zombie movie?

How would you fair in a fight?

How do you feel about relationships?

Who are you closest to?

Pick a word to describe yourself.

What item could you not live without?

Where would you prefer to be during a zombie apocalypse?

Where do you plan to hide out?

How do you feel about working with a group during the apocalypse?

Your mom's been turned into a zombie, you...

What's your strategy?

What would be your means of transportation?

You are with your new survival friends and realize you are staring at the last can of food. What do you do?

How far can you run/walk without stopping?

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