Which Vin Diesel Car Should You Drive?

Zoe Samuel

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Vin Diesel grew up in an acting family, and when he got his first major break in Hollywood in the film "Saving Private Ryan," Steven Spielberg said he thought Diesel would go on to become a great action movie star in the mold of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He wasn't wrong. Vin Diesel made small films to flex his acting muscles with the likes of director Sidney Lumet, but he is best known for his blockbusters. Vin Diesel is the force that made "The Fast and The Furious" successful. He showed he could make any script entertaining with "Triple X," and as the hero Riddick, he made goggles look cool. If there is one prop he is known for, Vin Diesel's name is synonymous with cars.

Vin owns a lot of cars. He owns exotic sports cars, muscle cars and a smattering of utility vehicles. in his films, he races sports cars on the track, muscle cars on the drag strip, and some cars in ways that can only be described in terms of special effects done on a computer. Just as Vin Diesel's brand of masculinity feels old fashioned in some ways, so too are the cars for which he is best known. The only question that remains is which of these cars is the one you should drive! Take this quiz, and we'll work it out for you. Fuel up! It's time for some Diesel!

Which structure would make for the best jump in a car?

What's the best way to wreck a classic muscle car?

How much horsepower should terrify you?

How slowly should one speak?

Which of these tattoos is the coolest?

What kind of laser would you use to shoot at a UFO?

What's the best one-liner for when you bail out of a car right before it goes off a cliff?

How many sequels is too many?

What type of close-quarters weapon feels right for a fight in an urban setting?

To what kind of person are you attracted?

What kind of person would you rather have as a sidekick?

What kind of technology do you like best?

How do you navigate when you're behind the wheel?

What safety measures do you take when you get behind the wheel?

How well do you take a hit?

Where do you draw the line on "Yeah, I can fix that"?

Who are you trying to impress on the school run?

What's in the trunk?

How tinted are your windows?

What manner of car-pimping do you prefer?

What is the coolest way to crash a car?

What's the best thing that's ever happened to you in a car?

What special gloves do you wear when driving your car?

How much road do you need to feel comfortable to try to reach your car's top speed?

Which is your best parking method?

What's your driving tune?

What's hanging from your rear view mirror?

Where do you keep your car?

How do you clean your car?

What pet might you take with you in your car?

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