Which Underrated Piercing Matches Your Personality?

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Why is it that those with piercings are viewed in a certain way? Even more than that, certain piercings are viewed way differently than others. Belly button piercings were once seen as scandalous, and if you had one, you were a person of loose morals. But an earlobe piercing is totally acceptable and doesn't really say much about you other than you've done what almost everyone else has done.

There is probably some deep-seated reason for piercings being seen a certain way. Maybe it has to do with an individuals upbringing that would cause them to perceive some piercings as scandalous, while others are of no consequence. When people are young, they aren't really given the opportunity to think for themselves, so if a parent or another adult says something is inappropriate, more likely than not, you will also think it's inappropriate, at least until you are old enough to decide for yourself.

With all that said, there really is no wrong way to express your personality and individuality. If you think that a double piercing in your earlobe makes you unique, then go for it. If you think it's an eyebrow piercing, don't let anyone stand in your way. So which underrated piercing matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

How much do you care about what people think?

Is your goal in life to stand out or fit in?

When, if ever, would you take a piercing out for good?

Have you ever had people react negatively to the way you look?

How do you want to be perceived by others?

Would you say you were a good student?

When you go shopping, what kind of store is your default?

In the morning, what do you care most about when getting ready?

Do you play by the rules?

What is your preferred way to spend your weekend nights?

If given the opportunity, would you go on tour with your favorite band?

Speaking of bands, what kind of music do you like the most?

Do you ever think that life has done you wrong?

Where could you see yourself moving to if you had enough money?

What do you dream about most often?

Where is an ideal place for a piercing?

If you ever got a piercing, would you prefer stud or hoop?

Are you a good judge of character?

How would you approach a conversation in which you have to let someone down?

Would you get starstruck if you got to meet your idol?

Tattoos are much like piercings. What kind of tattoo would you get?

Is there any place in particular that means a great deal to you?

If your piercing got infected, how would you handle it?

Do you care if your friends like your piercing?

Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you were doing to express yourself?

Are you concerned at all with self-preservation?

Do you think nature makes you the way you are, or nurture?

What would happen if who you are isn't who you want to be?

If given the choice between eternal happiness and eternal dissatisfaction, which would you choose?

How often do you think about getting more piercings?

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