Which TV show with time travel should you watch?

Jody Mabry

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For historians, there are few things better than a time machine. And heck, a time machine is pretty cool for anyone. Of course, there are always a few rules you need to follow to get things right, such as, don't touch anything. Seriously, Mr. Peabody taught us all this when we were kids. Of course, no one gets this rule right. Take this quiz to see which time travel show you should watch, where characters mess up the number-one rule.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

What would you use a time machine for?

Do you think you could honor the rule: Don't touch anything?

Which of these historic figures would you like to meet?

How does your time machine work?

What interests you most about time travel?

Which is your favorite time travel movie?

Which time travel plot convention is your favorite?

Which is your favorite time machine TV series?

What is a non-honorable way to use your time machine?

What is an honorable way to use a time machine?

Who is your favorite Doctor?

You find a time machine in your back yard. What do you do?

Which is your favorite time machine novelist?

Your time machine runs out of juice on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. What do you do?

How do you stay healthy?

Do you consider yourself a fan of history?

What is the biggest benefit of knowing about the past?

What is the biggest benefit of knowing your future?

If you showed up at your door and announced you were a time traveler from the future, would your past self believe it?

Where do you get your wardrobe of vintage clothing?

If you snuck something from your current life onto a time machine, what would that be?

What is your favorite kind of costume?

If you had a time machine, would you be running, hiding or doing something else?

If you were on a team of time travelers, what would be your function?

What are your first thoughts on time travel?

How well do you play on a team?

What is your hot button?

Who would play you in a story about your time-traveling life?

Something is going down -- what do you do?

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