Which TV Mom Are You?

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Being a mom is a rewarding task, but it's not easy. Sometimes you need a little comic relief  to let you know that you're doing a great job. That's where television comes in. TV moms deal with almost everything that real moms deal with, just in a scripted manner. But when you're a mom watching something that is so relatable, it doesn't seem scripted. It's more like they took moments right out of your life and put them on the television for everyone to see. It makes you feel less alone and also lets you know that it's okay to laugh at some of the mistakes you've made as a parent. 

But you don't have to be a mom to have an idea of what you would be like as a mom or to want to know if you're more like a sitcom mom or a hospital drama mom. By taking a closer look at your overall personality, your would-be-mom tendencies become a little clearer. Of course, like anyone will tell you, everything you think you know about being a mom goes completely out the window when you actually have kids. With all that said, which TV mom are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Would you consider yourself someone who loves giving gifts more than receiving?

How do you handle negativity in life?

What is it like when you feel stuck or bored in life?

Do you need a lot of freedom in your life?

Would you let your kids go to a concert with their friends with no adults present?

If you don't have kids yet, what kind of mom do you envision yourself being?

At what age do you think a kid stops needing a mother?

How often do you find yourself doing things you said you would never do?

Do you often cook for yourself or are you more of a takeout kind of person?

Are you good at entertaining people?

Do you consider yourself a good cook?

Are you someone who enjoys laundry and cleaning?

What is the ideal way to pay for college?

When you're on vacation, do you plan every little thing or go with the flow?

Speaking of vacations, what's your ideal spot?

Are holidays better with kids?

What's an ideal Mother's Day gift?

Do you like your Halloween costumes bought or assembled with things in your closet?

Have you made a lot of mistakes in life so far?

When someone close to you is feeling down, how do you try and cheer them up?

How much did you love birthday parties growing up?

If you had a birthday party at your current age, what would you spend on it?

Would you rather be inside watching TV or out and about enjoying the great outdoors?

Which household item would you not let your kids play with?

What kind of school do you think is ideal for your kid?

Do you have age limits for when your kid can do things like date or get their ears pierced?

If you knew something about your kid that they didn't tell you themselves, would you mention it?

Did you always want kids?

Do you seek out advice when you feel like you're struggling?

Think of your overall personality. How would you describe it?

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