Which TV Grandparent Would Send You $5 On Your Birthday?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

TV grandparents are the best! They remind us of our own and are always funny - even if some are a bit mean. So, which one of them would care enough to send you a little something on your birthday?

Which TV grandparent would any of your grandparents be best friends with?

What do they watch on TV almost every day without fail?

What nickname do you refer to your grandmother as?

If someone insulted you in your grandparent's presence, what would they do?

Are you good with your comebacks?

What's the one thing (collectively) that your grandparents hate about the world today?

What kind of music do your folks like to listen to?

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen any of your grandparents wear?

What's the scariest thing about being a grandparent?

What do most of your grandparents dress like?

What are your grandmothers the best at?

What do you and your grandmas cook/bake together most often?

How often do your grandparents visit?

What do you and your grandparents usually do when you guys hang out?

If you had to choose one celebrity to be your grandfather, who would it be?

What field was your dad's father involved in before he retired?

And what about your grandmother?

How would your grandparents describe you?

We've talked about your grandparents. Let's talk about you. What kind of grandchild are you?

What do you do for your granparents's birthdays?

Which of your grandparents is your favorite?

What's always in your grandparents' pantry?

Which of these drinks would you knock back with your grandfather?

If you had relationship troubles, what advice would your father's mom give you?

Which country do you wish your grandparents had a house in?

Where do your grandparents go when they want to vacation?

Be honest, how much do you really like your grandparents?

Would you ever cover your sofa with plastic?

What's the best thing about being a grandchild?

Do you think you'll be a good grandparent?

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