Which TV Grandparent will You be?

Teresa M.

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When your time comes to spoil your grandbabies, what television grandparent will you model yourself after? Will you be sassy or will you be endearing?

How many grandchildren would you like to have?

What do you love doing most with your grandparents?

What would you most like to inspire in your grandchildren?

Which TV parent do you like most?

What cartoon will you watch with the grandchildren?

What kind of cookies would you make with your grandchildren?

How much time will you spend with your grandkids?

Will you watch your grandchildren being born?

How would you describe your parenting style?

How would your children describe your parenting style?

Which celebrity would you like to have as a grandparent?

What will you prefer your grandchildren call you?

Are you happy with the way your children turned out?

What animated television series do you like most?

Which classic rock band will you introduce your grandchildren to?

What meal would you make for you grandchildren?

What movie would you like to watch with your grandchildren?

How will you spoil your grandchildren?

What country would you take your grandchildren to for a visit?

What activity will you do to keep your grandchildren busy?

What safety measure will you teach your grandchildren about?

Will your grandchildren be named after you?

What do you believe a grandparent's most important job is?

What gift will you give to your new grandchild when they are born?

What will you do to help the new parents?

What television talk show host do you think would make a good grandparent?

What will you talk about when you attend grandparents day?

What will you do to defy your children's wishes?

What do your children like most about you?

Are you happy with being a grandparent?

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