Which Transformer are You?

By: Artimis Charvet

About This Quiz

What sort of Transformer are you? Are you a leader like Optimus Prime? Clumsy like Bulkhead? Or speedy and annoying like Bumblebee? Answer with honesty, and you will find out which one you're like the most!

If you could choose between being an Autobot and a Decepticon, which side would you choose?

If you were a transformer, what type of vehicle would you turn into?

Which would describe you the best?

Which of these transformers that didn't make the list is your favorite?

Who's your favorite villain outside of the "Transformers" universe?

Which physical characteristic would you want to intimidate your opposition?

If you were given the AllSpark, which vehicle would you use it on?

What would happen if you were in the military?

Did you watch "The Transformers" cartoon when you were younger?

Would you make a good wingman?

If you're in a fight and on your knees just about to be defeated, what would you do?

What sport would you rather play?

What nickname suits you best?

What would be your first instinct if you met an alien?

Which game would you rather play?

What kind of work environment do you like to be in?

Is torture an effective method for gathering sensitive information?

What motivates you?

What bothers you more?

Who would you save first?

Can you make peace with your enemies?

Do you believe there is right and wrong, good and evil?

Do you have your emotions under control?

Which of the following do you take the most pleasure in?

Are you more confrontational or manipulative?

What kind of emotional baggage do you carry?

What's your weapon of choice?

Do you hold grudges?

Which of these roles suit you the best?

What does justice mean to you?

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