Which Traffic Sign Describes Your Relationship Status?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Whether it's a green light, a stop sign, or a left turn, certain signs are familiar to all road users. What's doubly handy about them is that sometimes, they can help signal your relationship's direction too!

How simpatico are you two?

Do you know how to compromise?

Do you treat your partner like royalty?

Do you see a lot of red flags?

How passionate are you?

Do you feel like changes are afoot?

Are you cool with them changing in future?

Do you find yourself just very comfortable together?

Is your relationship your safe place?

Do you know deep down that this relationship comes with an expiration date?

Can you embrace your differences?

Do you put up with a lot of crap from your partner?

Do you spend a lot of time apart?

Do you call your partner out when they screw up?

Do you maintain healthy boundaries?

Does your partner respect you?

Do you share core values?

Do you make each other laugh?

Can you see yourselves together in 10 years?

Can you talk through disagreements, even really big ones, without being unkind or lashing out?

When you're stressed, does your partner's presence make it better or worse?

Do you ever find them really annoying?

Is either of you a little immature?

Have you passed any big couple milestones like saying "I love you" or buying a home together?

Would you trust them with your money?

Do you feel the same way about kids?

Would you move out of state for them?

Have they ever really shown up when you were in a pickle?

Do you like their family?

Are you proud to be seen with them?

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