Which of the 12 Days of Christmas Are You?

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It's one of the first Christmas carols everybody learns, but does anybody actually remember all of it? There are birds and jewelry and people and more birds. In the dozen days of holiday, which are you?

Aside from Christmas, which is your favorite holiday?

What's one thing you could do without during Christmas?

From those listed, which is your favorite Christmas song?

From those listed, which is your favorite Christmas carol?

What's your favorite Christmas special?

Who is the best singer of Christmas songs?

Which of the following is your favorite reindeer?

What age were you when you found out... you know... about Santa Claus?

If red were not allowed, which would be the best color for Santa Claus' outfit?

What's the best thing about Christmas?

When people say 'Christmas has become too commercial' what do you think?

What's your favorite Christmas food or drink?

How much will you be spending on Christmas gifts this year?

If you could move Christmas to any other month, which one makes the most sense?

What's the hardest thing to believe about the Santa Claus story?

What's the worst thing about not celebrating Christmas because of your religion?

How long before Christmas are you done your shopping?

Who put out the worst Christmas album?

What do you prefer to do in a winter wonderland?

As a kid, how early would you wake up on Christmas morning?

What's the worst stocking stuffer?

How do you feel the day after Christmas?

Which singer are you most baffled by the fact they've sold over 5 million Christmas albums

Why does it seem like most of our Christmas music comes from 1950-1965?

What's the most interesting statistic about Christmas?

What's the most interesting Christmas related date?

Which of the following true statements is hardest to believe?

How long before Christmas do you put up you Christmas tree?

What's the most anyone should pay for an 8-foot Christmas tree?

How many Christmas/Holiday parties will you attend this year?

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