Which Tennis Grand Slam Event are You?

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There are four Grand Slam tennis tournaments; the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. These tournaments are considered major competitions of tennis offering the most prize money and ranking points. These two-week events attract the best players in the world with some of the greatest tennis a person will see all year. Taking place in different parts of the world, each grand slam has its own personality. Take this quiz to see which Grand Slam event you are!

Which city would you love to visit some day?

Which is your snack choice?

Who is your favorite male tennis player?

Who is your favorite female tennis player?

Which is your favorite season?

How aggressive are you on the court?

You are about to lose your second set in the quarterfinals, what do you do?

You are just about out of gas, but still have half the match to go, how to you boost your energy?

What is your favorite tennis tradition?

What would best describe your ideal partner?

Which is your favorite tennis surface?

Where is your ideal vacation?

What do you say to someone when you first meet?

What kind of a tennis player are you?

Which band would you listen to before you hit the courts?

What trait will get a player through the toughest match?

How do you replenish your electrolytes?

Which celebrity would you want to bump into at the porta potty?

If you went to a tournament what would be your favorite non-tennis activity?

What is your best shot?

Which type of tennis do you prefer watching?

If you could only watch one Grand Slam event each year, which would it be?

Which is your beverage of choice?

Which is your tennis brand of choice?

If you won a car at a tournament, which would you want?

What would be your splash of color at Wimbeldon?

Which duo would you most like to see play in a final?

What can a crowd do to pump you up?

You want to go to a Grand Slam event, but your boss says you need to work. What do you do?

Which tennis feat would you like to win?

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