Which tarot card are you?

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About This Quiz

You've often turned to the tarot deck for advice, but do you know which tarot card best represents you? Find out exactly which tarot card you are with this quiz!

Which animal from the Chinese Zodiac do you think you are most like?

How often do you check your horoscope?

Which card game do you like most?

Which tarot card are you sure you are not?

Which tarot card deck would you most like to have?

If you were a member of a royal court, which job would you have?

Would you ever visit a fortune teller?

What do you like most about tarot cards?

How often do you have your cards read?

Which word would your best friend choose to describe your fashion sense?

Where is the first place you turn for advice?

What do you think is the most accurate way to tell the future?

What kind of spell would you like to cast?

Which suit from a deck of playing cards do you like most?

What would you like to know about the future?

Which trait of the Suit of Cups do you possess?

How would you feel if Death came up in your reading?

Where would you most likely have your cards read?

Which game of chance have you played most?

Which of the tarot card suits do you think you would find most positive?

How would you react to a reading that you weren't expecting?

Who would you take with you to have a reading?

What do you think you might have been in a former life?

Would you say that you are a spiritual person?

What might you also use as part of a tarot card reading?

Which of the four elements do you think you are most like?

Which tarot card spread would you like to try?

Which tarot card symbol do you most identify with?

How would your best friend describe your temper?

Which emotion would you say rules you?

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